July has been an average month here at Social Media Ministries. We’ve continued working to fulfill our mission and grow the Kingdom of God. Of course, we need your help. Please pray for us. Specifically that we would be able to find regular financial support and that our sermons would continue to reach the unreached areas of the world.

Our monthly accomplishments:
– Continued Posting 1 Sermon Each Week
– Continued Posting 1 Podcast Each Week
– Applied To Be An Amazon Spotlight Charity
– Created Our Amazon Charity Wish List


Video Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Spencer Coffman with Social Media Ministries. This is the July 2022 monthly update and status report.

July has been a normal month for us, pretty much nothing super extraordinary, but we have continued to post a sermon every week and a podcast every week. That is going out all over the world for people to watch, to follow, and to, hopefully, come to Jesus. If you want to help support that, and I hope you do, please pray for us that we can reach more people.

Also, we need financial support. We are in dire need of financial support. If that is something that is on your heart to support us that way, please do so.

What else have we done? Beyond that, we have applied to be an Amazon Spotlight charity. Now what that means is, that through Amazon Smiles which we had a video about, you can check that out in a card, they will feature us in their sidebar or in banner ads and then what will happen is, as people are searching for a charity to support, they might see Social Media Ministries and then hopefully click on it.

What we are hoping is that we get approved and accepted and then that more people see us and then hopefully choose us to donate when they shop on Amazon. Amazon donates half a percent of whatever anyone spends to that charity if they shop with Amazon Smiles. So that is something, but something is better than nothing.

Then the final thing, the big accomplishment this month is that we have created a list through Amazon, it is called Amazon charities donor list or a wish list. Basically what that is, is we have gone through our Amazon charity account, and we have selected items that we are in need of, or some items that would help us or that we might want, and then we can kind of rank those items as important and some stuff just isn’t important, like I put some espresso on there to keep me going, you know?

But there are other things that we need more than that obviously and so you can check that out if you want to shop for us, that would be cool. You can click on our list. It is on our website, and you can maybe buy something and then those items will be delivered directly to us at Social Media Ministries. So that is kind of a cool thing, another way that people can support us, by shopping for us.

That is it for the month of July. We really hope that in the month of August, we can start getting some financial supporters, some donors, and regular contributors to start ramping things up. We want to boost our posts, we want to get out in more places.

Right now we are reaching the unreached, we are seeing a lot of people viewing in the countries of Vietnam and India and overseas where people are hungry. They are searching for God and they don’t know how to get Him. We are trying to reach those areas and so if we could have some money to put behind some ads to target those countries specifically that would greatly help us reach those people.

Again if you are feeling called to donate or to support us financially, you can do so on socialmediaministries.com/give. You can comment below. You can watch our sermons. I don’t want all these people commenting, ‘Oh they are only after money’, because that is not what this is about, so if you truly feel called or you want to know more, comment and we can communicate.

But otherwise, that has been the July 2022 monthly update status report for Social Media Ministries. I hope to see you again next month.

God bless.