March has been another good month for Social Media Ministries. We’ve made some progress and still need your prayers and support.

Here is a summary of our accomplishments!
-We continued posting 1 video sermon and 1 podcast each week.
-We are verified on Brave Rewards through the Brave Browser.
-We have a blog on Medium.
-We received a partnership with Google Ad Grants.
-We started officially applying for grant money.

We’re still waiting for the following:
-Facebook Charity
-Good Coin

We appreciate your continued support and need your help sharing our videos so more people can find us.


Video Transcript

Hey guys, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. This is our March 2022 monthly update and progress report.

March 2022 has been a pretty good month for us, we haven’t had a ton of progress as far as making new groundbreaking changes, but what we have done is continued to post a sermon every single week. We have also continued to post the podcast every single week.

We have connected with Brave Rewards. Now if you don’t know what Brave is, it is a browser that is private. It is a browser that doesn’t track you, it doesn’t connect with everything. In addition, they serve ads in the background and then pay you for your internet browsing activity and what they pay you in is a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token.

Now, they pay you in this BAT (Basic Attention Token) and then you can use that to reward creators that you like and so we got connected with Brave and we are an approved creator. You can go to our website and then using the Brave browser you can click a little button in the corner to contribute and donate your Basic Attention Token to support Social Media Ministries.

In addition, you can go on our YouTube channel, click on the button again through the Brave browser and do that as well. If you need any information about the Brave browser you can check out a playlist here that will tell you all about the Brave browser, why you should get it, how to set it up, all that kind of stuff. It is very easy so you can check that out.

In addition, we also have an account on the blog platform called Medium. You can follow us there. We need to get 100 followers before we can start receiving any type of contributions or revenue through Medium, so if you want to follow us to help us hit that number that would be great. In addition, if you just want to follow us on there to receive emails or notices when we post that would be awesome as well.

What is it we are posting? Our sermons. Posting the video from YouTube and then the description and then the link to the podcasts and an image, and then hopefully we will generate email subscribers through that and be able to use Medium as a way to get some extra marketing, really kind of for free, so if you want to help us out by following that would be great.

The other thing, this is the biggest thing that I feel, this is really significant, we are now with Google for non-profits and we have applied and received that. But we have gone through and taken it a step further to try to receive Google ad grants and what that is if you don’t know, Google serves ads, you see them all the time when you run a Google search. The top results say ‘ad’ next to them and that is people paying for those spots, we have received a partnership with Google ad grants and they will allow us to advertise every single month through a grant, so this is huge.

The thing that we need for now is I have tried to set up the ads and it is proving to be very difficult. They are not really working. Something is not working properly so pray for us because I have applied to have someone help us, some marketing students within the Google program to help us create all of these ads and get them out there, so please start praying that we would be approved and partnered with someone within Google to help us get our ads out there. In addition, if you are someone who wants to help us with that comment below, we would love to explore that option as well.

The other thing is we have started applying for grants, officially seeking grants and applying for them. This is a huge process, it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and you have to know how to write the grants properly to get this money and where to find the money and there are so many scams out there that people want you to pay to get a list and then to apply and these lists are pulled from who knows where and half of them don’t apply to religious organizations which is what we are classified as. So if you are familiar with grant writing or grant areas or you know of places where we can seek funds and apply for grants please comment below.

In addition, if you want to help us with grant writing comment below. We are always looking for more support in any of those areas, specifically the volunteer areas where people have expertise that I do not have and that is really really important. Because together we are better than one, there is no I in team, and a team is what builds the Kingdom of God and that is our goal.

We have had a lot of great things this month, it has really been good progress. Pray for us that in the month of April, we could get some ads going to reach more people and that we would start receiving some grants, that we could find grants and start receiving grants to be able to speed this up and reach more people with these messages. Any questions comment below and I hope you subscribe and follow us on social media to be able to watch the sermons that we produce.

God bless.