After Great Britain, Russia, the three countries Russia absorbed, and Germany, combine to form the fourth beast. There will be complete chaos. Of course, they will have France and potentially nine other nations backing them as well.

Virtually every country in Europe and Asia will be united in their quest to destroy the Abrahamic faiths. Of course, destroying Judaism and Islam will be easier than destroying Christianity. After all, those faiths are more closely related to people groups like the Jews and the Arabs/Muslims.

The Christians will be more difficult to find. As a result, the war against Christianity will be nothing we’ve ever seen. If Christians are still on the earth at that time. We won’t be for long.

Referenced Verses:
Daniel 7:7-8
Genesis Chapter 16
Genesis 21:2-3

If you haven’t already, please read:
Daniel Chapters 2, 7, 8
Revelation Chapters 12-14

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