When the nations represented by the beasts in Daniel Chapter 7 begin to ally and form the fourth beast that is a sure sign that things have started to go downhill. This will be a very powerful alliance like we have not seen before. They will be bloodthirsty and on a mission to wage war.

Of course, there may be peace for a time as they wipe out radical terrorist groups, conquer nations, and force others to join their new world order. However, that peace will not last. Remember, the antichrist is behind that union.

Therefore, it is only a matter of time before those nations begin to blindly exterminate anyone and everyone in order to rid the earth of those they are truly after. The Christians. This will truly be the beginning of the end.

Referenced Verses:
Revelation 13:7

If you haven’t already, please read:
Daniel 2:1-49
Daniel 7:1-28
Daniel 8:1-27
Revelation 12:1-17
Revelation 13:1-18
Revelation 14:1-20


Video Transcript

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I know I do a pretty good job hopefully of reading the verses to you and presenting them and referencing them below and so you may think that you don’t need to read the whole thing because the messages that I am giving have enough, but read the whole thing. In addition, read Revelation definitely chapters 12 through 14. I know I have primarily been in chapter 13, but read those other 2 to go along with it, you will be glad you did. You should always be glad when you read something in the Bible.

Today we are talking about the beginning of the end. Last week we spoke about how Russia and Europe unite and this is led by the AntiChrist or the dragon and they are going to have 10 rulers or 10 kings that come about. Then one new king comes in and knocks out 3 of the others. Then during that time, they are really just on a rampage going through.

Whether they are wiping out radical Islamic terrorists and then that turns to all of Islam and then they just move throughout the world kind of on a conquering spree. Probably going south because they already have all of northern Asia and Europe, they are probably just going to start moving down the continent there and just really wiping things out.

Eventually, at some point in time, the rest of the world is going to look at them and say, who can defeat them? Who can wage war against them? Most of the world will start worshiping this nation or this beast that has been created as a result of all of this conquering. That could happen for a 4-year period of time where it is just this reign of really terror, but people may not know that it is terror. They may think it is good, that everything is being wiped out or that could be peace on earth etc, but that only marks the beginning of the end.

Because after that 4-year period, it is very likely that America, who during that time could be the shelter of the people or maybe they are building their own country up to a big superpower to prepare. Could be America, if they pulled all their resources back into America during that period of time and all the wealth and everything stayed in America and we really enriched our own people, America could become a nation seriously like we could never have imagined.

Think about the billions and trillions of dollars that go overseas to things or that go overseas on a plane with some American congressman and then they get sworn in over there so that they can take that money as a bonus in a tax-free country. I mean all kinds of corruption happens, and if you don’t believe it we are not going to talk about it now, but open your eyes a little and maybe do some research and you will see so much happens.

All the millions and billions and trillions of dollars in America that is going to other nations and countries or going to even private individuals as forms of corruption or bribery or bonuses, if all of that money all of a sudden stayed here and was poured into the people, not like welfare system poured into the people in socialism, but like in terms of securing borders or building infrastructure or rebuilding community centers and public buildings and school systems and good education all of this kind of stuff, health care, whatever the case may be, America could become an incredible nation during that time.

Then all of a sudden that question of who could wage war against this beast, after a period of time of America restructuring and becoming this amazing nation they could say, whoa we have one contender and that is America and then at that point in time after that 4-year period of people worshiping this new nation, this beast, America could be rising up and then they could say, whoa what is going on?

We have of course east against west, especially if America opens up its borders during that period of time and allows refugees to continue pouring in to escape whatever is going on over there, so something to keep in mind of course, we don’t know exactly what the situation will be as we have said over the past few weeks, but we know that it is going to be major.

The countries represented by the animals in Daniel’s dreams, they begin to ally and it will be a great warning sign. So what are those countries? Let’s recap them quickly. We have the lion with the wings of an eagle that was transformed into a man. So that lion is Great Britain or the United Kingdom and then it was humbled into a man.

When was it humbled? Well, when the wings were ripped off of it and it became a new nation, America. America had a revolution and they revolted against the United Kingdom or against England and then separated, so that was humbled and given the heart of a man and America was a new nation. Then we have the wings of an eagle.

Then we have the bear with the 3 ribs. That bear is Russia. Those 3 ribs are 3 nations that it could attempt to reclaim to build its soviet union, so Ukraine, or a couple of others. Or it could be 3 nations that it goes and devours in an effort to wipe out terrorism or to conquer or start moving in on the middle east. That could be Iran, Turkey, Syria, etc.

Then we have this leopard with 4 heads and 4 wings. Now the leopard itself does not represent a complete nation, but it is the nation of Germany but Germany is represented by the eagle which is 2 of those leopard’s wings.

The 4 heads on this leopard represent the 4 Reichs of Germany, so we have different time periods. The 4 Reichs. The last Reich was Hitler and then we have before that was Otto von Bismarck and then before that Charlemagne and then now the current Reich, the fourth Reich which is pretty much the last Reich. Pretty certain that it is the last Reich. This is the European Union, the alliance with France which is those other 2 wings on this beast and those are of France which is the rooster.

The 4 heads, 4 Reichs, the leopard of Germany, and the 2 wings are the eagle from Germany and then 2 wings are the rooster. Then we have those beasts coming together and forming this great beast which was described in Revelation, ‘The beast I saw resembled a leopard. It had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. One of the leopard heads got wounded.’

Which of course is relating to World War II when Hitler was pretty much abolished. Germany was separated east and west. Then later on they got reunited, reborn, when the wall came down and it came together, created a new Germany, created a modern-day new Russia, and then the whole world was astonished and in wonder at that.

This is really an incredible thing so when they ally and things come together that will be a great warning sign that things are about to go downhill. Now downhill could be subjective because for a while, it could be a really good thing. Russia and Europe, when they ally together, they might wipe out like Isis, Al Qaeda, and those other militant terrorist groups and we could very very well see a period of peace. Peace on earth.

This could be a time when there is no war and people could be like, wow this is incredible but it won’t last forever and that could be part of how this new nation gets people to worship it. It wipes out all bad things and says, all right I have given you peace on earth, these ten kings rule, the one comes up and knocks out 3 others who maybe were revolting.

Maybe they were 3 good kings trying to say, no we can’t go this direction, we know what is happening. All right execute them and we will get one guy in that is a dictator or who knows and the one guy says, no we are responsible for peace on earth and it is a blasphemous name and then eventually people start worshiping and say, who can wage war against this?

There could be some peace in the world, but it will only be the eye of the storm just like a hurricane. It moves and these things are going to ally together. They are on a conquering quest and they are knocking out all of these other nations. They are conquering them. So that is part of the hurricane, then all of a sudden if there is peace on earth, that is the eye of the storm but as we know the hurricane keeps moving. Then we have the other side and what happens there, that is when we truly have the East against the West because America is not going to be sitting out for long.

Whether they are rebuilding or restructuring or they were silent or sleeping or whatever the case may be, eventually this beast is going to go after America and the Christian religion or the refugees that were there that it was trying to wipe out first. This piece will be short-lived. Why? Well based on that reasoning and the Bible that is why. But why else?

Well, the Russian people are a fighting people, they are definitely a fighting people and I don’t mean like they are always hungry for war or battle but this alliance is going to be a lot of Russia really coming into Europe and there are fighting people. Look throughout history, Lenin, and Stalin. Has Russia ever been allied with any other nation and not tried to take them over or not taken them over? No, in the past Russia has been a dominating world force that defeated anyone they pleased.

Seriously the only nations that Russia hasn’t conquered are those that are really allied with the US or that are independent and if they do they know that the US would try to stop them. That is what makes this period of time very unique. That Russia is going to ally with the United States ally and the US isn’t going to stop it.

When that happens, when something is either going on in the US to prevent them from stopping this or the US says, this is good, let Russia fight out its own battle or perhaps they just trained up Al Qaeda and said, we want to give Russia their own version of Vietnam but it kind of backfired on them.

The US could be trying to sabotage them. You guys could be saying, let them go to their own doom. The US could be just on the sidelines, we don’t know what they are doing, but the point is that they will not try to stop this and that is going to be the big signal.

Even in history, throughout history, Stalin, Lenin, they have conquered people. Russia has done things and they have defeated anyone they pleased historically until one thing happened and that is until the US steps in. Really Russians, it is not the Russians themselves, that is a fighting people. I mean they are. They are known for that in history, but it is the Russian climate that is really the factor.

Napoleon was defeated by the Russian cold, Hitler’s armies were dying out in early 1941 when they started to march in on Russia. They marched at the beginning of winter, September, October, and they were trying to go through and they were dying out. Why? Because they didn’t have the gear to face the Russian cold.

Their tanks couldn’t make it through the mud and the thick snow and all of that, so they were leaving a whole trail of people frozen, dead things, tanks, and equipment that wouldn’t run and operate properly. If they would have kept going it is very possible that the war would have ended and at that point, the United States stepped in and the war continued on obviously until 1945. But the Russian climate is brutal. It defeats Russia’s enemies, the climate, and of course, the people do as well.

But there is a reason Russia didn’t get involved in World War II, they weren’t worried. I mean they were involved but they weren’t super worried about Hitler’s armies coming in because they looked at it and said, this guy’s an idiot, nothing’s gonna happen, winter in mother Russia will take care of him for us and they were right. They saw that he was dying out and of course, eventually, you know things progressed either way.

But the Russian climate historically is known to also defeat Russia’s enemies. They know that, hey when winter comes we are the only ones who can survive here because we are used to this climate. These other people, they are not prepared for it and they die.

The Russians are used to winning, so even if this new alliance creates peace it is the eye of the storm. Do you think that peace will last after a while? Probably, remember we have got 4 years of them worshiping and that time period happening is possible. That could be the start.

Remember we said that this alliance could happen and this alliance could take several years to plan this conquest or this attack. It could be a period of time, that is a few years or 4 years or 10 years. 10 kings and all this alliance happens and then it is a period of time where they are on their conquest of crushing and devouring and trampling these nations and wiping out everything and this blasphemous horn or this blasphemous king is speaking and that period of conquest could be another period of time.

We know that a lot of humanity gets wiped out. A lot of people die and then there are 4 years where it is allowed and then if there is another time of peace after that it is possible that that could be some time and then this final battle will happen of east against west. That goes on and then eventually sometime after all of this is when Christ returns to slay that beast.

Russia and Europe will definitely become thirsty for more blood and they will attack the only powerful nation left which is America. Revelation chapter 13 verse 7, this is talking about the beast, ‘He was given the power to make war against the saints and to conquer them and he was given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation.’

So this beast will eventually turn to the most powerful nation left because it already wiped out all the rest. After that period of time, America will become the next target, and it was given the authority over every tribe, over the saints.

If America truly becomes a place of refuge for these religions, whether it is people fleeing because they are trying to wipe out the Jews and Muslims or then they turned against Christianity and America becomes that safe haven, America will definitely become a target because it is going to wipe out the saints, it is going to attack the saints.

This is the same in Daniel chapter 7 verse 25, ‘He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and laws.’ He is going to try to create a new world. Obviously, because it is this new nation of ten kings ruling and something we have never seen or even comprehended before. It is gonna be new. Now it is also trying to change everything. So if he tries to change the US and the US says no, no, you are not changing this, then of course that could be cause for war.

Again there is so much in these verses. I really encourage you to read them, especially Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapter 13. I will concede with that, I would really love it if you would read Daniel 2, 7, and 8 and also Revelation 12, 13, and 14. If you are limited, for sure Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation 13, because those 2 really go together and we have been talking about them a lot throughout this series.

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Let’s pray. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this time. For this great sermon series that we are one week away now from wrapping up. Please give us a great message next week and really good insights and a good way to wrap this up. Lord, I ask that each and every person out there would be touched by you, would have your spirit, give them eyes to see and ears to hear and a mouth to proclaim your Gospel as well. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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