When you are tempted you need to fight back. Remember that God is allowing something to happen in your life. There is some demon attacking you and tempting you. Fight back exactly as Jesus did. How did Jesus fight temptation?

You need to understand that the temptation is not of this world. Yes, you are being tempted by earthly things. However, the real fight lies in the spiritual realm. Therefore, take the fight to them. Take it out of this world exactly as Jesus did. Jesus fought with scripture, the devil fled, and angels gathered around Him (Matthew 4:11).

When you’re tempted, you need to recognize that the fight is more than an earthly fight. It is a spiritual battle in the unseen realm. Fight in that realm. Fight with scripture, use your sword. The Bible (Ephesians 6:17). Demons will flee and angels will protect you. That’s a promise. Take advantage of it.

Referenced Verses:
Matthew 4:1-25
James 4:7
1 Peter 1:16
Leviticus 19:2