Now that you know what nations the beasts from Daniel Chapter 7 really represent and understand a little more about the history of these nations it’s time to examine what happens next in the end-times prophecy.

A new world order will happen that causes an alliance between some of these nations. Sort of like the United Nations. These countries will team up and unite against a common enemy for a period of time. There will be a lot of death, destruction, disease, famine, war, natural disaster, and many more tragedies.

Daniel Chapter 8 builds on the foundation that was laid in Chapter 7 and gives us more detailed information about the rise of the Antichrist and his ultimate demise.

We need to understand that the book of Daniel was written for our benefit. It’s not merely a history lesson from an ancient civilization; it contains God’s prophetic word for humanity regarding the end times. As such, we need to approach it with humility and reverence.

Referenced Verses:
Daniel 7:6
Daniel 7:12
Revelation 3:13

If you haven’t already, please read:
Daniel 2:1-49
Daniel 7:1-28
Daniel 8:1-27
Revelation 12:1-17
Revelation 13:1-18
Revelation 14:1-20


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Social Media Ministries, my name is Spencer Coffman. We are in the midst of a great sermon series about the end times, so thank you so much for staying with us. We are almost done, this is part 9 and we have 6 more to go including this one.

If you haven’t seen the previous sermons check them out here in a playlist. If you are listening somewhere else or on another platform, podcast, etc navigate to our YouTube channel and you will find the playlist about the end times. What have we talked about so far? If you are new with us, again check out that playlist. If you have been with us let’s do a quick recap before we dive into today.

I know last week I left you off on kind of a little cliffhanger, hopefully, that brought you back but we will see. Here we go, we started out talking about the end times and the prophecy that comes through it and where it is in the Bible and then introducing what we are specifically talking about. Because there are a lot of end-times prophecies throughout the Bible. But we are focusing on specifically Daniel chapter 7.

Then we dove into his dream in Daniel chapter 7. After that, we talked about the beasts that were in the dream and how they represent modern nations, and we showed, I believe pretty conclusively, that they represent modern nations. The next week, that could only mean that the other interpretations out there that said that the beasts represent nations that are already gone today is erroneous. It is wrong. If we know that they represent modern nations as in nations that were in the future of Daniel, but in our time today, then those other interpretations are incorrect.

After that, we talked about the first beast, the lion becoming the man and what nation it represented and then the wings of an eagle that came off of that and it represented another nation. Then we talked about that bear, the vicious bear with 3 ribs, and how that could represent one nation and then 3 more nations. Then last week we got into the leopard head and the 4 heads and the 4 wings and what that could be.

We have the one nation of the leopard and what nation is that? Well, it is not the nation represented by the leopard. We had to do a little out-of-the-box thinking to bring us to the leopard tank from World War II that was created by Germany. So Germany is that beast and then it had 4 heads. What were those? The 4 Reichs of Germany. Then 4 wings. What were the wings? Well, Germany was represented by the eagle and then their close ally France is the rooster and together they have created the European Union and that is the beast.

Today we are talking about the leopard head being wounded. Now where do we get that? Well, we got that from Revelation. If you haven’t yet read specifically Daniel chapter 7 and then of course Daniel chapter 2, we went over that in the very very beginning of this sermon series and then Daniel chapter 8. We went over that kind of in the beginning briefly just to show a little bit more support for those misrepresentations. Then today we are going to derive from part of Revelation, specifically Revelation chapter 13. If you haven’t read Daniel chapters 2, 7, and 8 do it and also Revelation 12 to 14, do it today.

We have learned from last week that Germany is several nations combined into one. Why? Well, each of those heads of the 4 Reichs is kind of a nation or an era in and of itself that just kind of got wiped out and started over. It is a different reign, so the 4 heads of the leopard were those 4 Reichs. What were they?

Let’s recap that. The first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire and that was ruled by Charlemagne from 800 to 1806, so quite a long time. Obviously, Charlemagne didn’t live that long, so it was a family or an era of the Holy Roman Empire for about 1,000 years.

The Second Reich was the German empire under Otto van Bismark from 1870 to 1919. Now obviously that could be one guy because it could be the lifetime of him. The Third Reich was Adolf Hitler, one guy again 1933 to 1945, very very short. He kind of took power and then tried to dominate the world and got cut down right away.

The fourth Reich is like we said that the European Union which was 1958 up until now and it is still present, so it is not just until today and it was done. It is up until the present time and the European Union is kind of the agreement. France and Germany have a close allied relationship along with some other countries there and it is this European Union.

Let’s talk, remember how we said that Germany’s symbol was the eagle, which we get 2 of those wings on the leopard and then we have 2 more wings on the leopard that we got from France. We said they were the rooster but we never really dove into that, so we are going to do that. But first Daniel chapter 7 verse 6 I think it is appropriate that we read that so we have another good representation of what this beast looks like and then we can dive into it.

Here we go, chapter 7 verse 6, all of these references will be noted in the description below. ‘After that, I looked and there before me was another beast, one that looked like a leopard and on its back it had 4 wings like those of a bird. The beast had 4 heads and it was given authority to rule.’ That is it, so the Germans have a very strong relationship and alliance with the French who are key players in that European Union.

Now the French, they were part of Roman rule long ago and the Romans spoke Latin. The term in Latin for Gaul means rooster and so that is where they get the French rooster. They kind of adopted that because it was a joke among the Romans that they were a bunch of roosters and so eventually they just kind of said, all right, well let’s just make our national symbol the rooster.

Kind of a little side bit of trivia that doesn’t really apply, but I thought it was kind of neat how things happen, how things come to be. Just like how we said the eagle in America could very well, from our founding fathers who were biblical, could very well have come from this. They said, hey wait, we have the eagle’s wings that broke off from the lion Great Britain. Why don’t we just take the eagle as our symbol? Obviously, there was some debate. I believe somebody wanted it to be the turkey, maybe even Benjamin Franklin, so you know that could have been a joke. But either way, we are not getting into all that.

We are going to continue on here with this France and Germany alliance and the creature of the leopard with the 4 heads and the 4 wings and what it is. It is likely that this alliance, this European Union, this Fourth Reich is going to be the last Reich, the final Reich that will be here when Christ returns.

Why do we think that? Well, if we go to Daniel chapter 7 verse 12, that is the verse we have been quoting all through this whole sermon series and it says, ‘The other beasts,’ meaning the other 3, so this is the fourth beast, and then the other 3 beasts, so this leopard is one of them, ‘The other beasts had been stripped of their authority.’ So they were ruling and then get cut down.

When does that happen? Well, at the end. The end of the end times when the AntiChrist is destroyed and Christ comes back. ‘They were stripped of their authority, but they were allowed to live for a period of time.’ That is why it is very possible that this is the last Reich.

That this will be the one that happens when the AntiChrist returns and then they are allowed to live for a period of time, so it is not going to be abolished. It is very very likely that the European Union will be the last Reich. Of course, they could change names, there could be one more. But the leopard had 4 heads, 4 Reichs. Unless there is a fifth head or something that we are missing or something that we don’t know about or it changes or something like that, it is very likely that this European Union will be the last Reich.

Now all of these Reichs, what were they? They were an attempt by each leader to unite Germany and not only Germany but Germany and surrounding nations under one rule and one religion. Hitler’s attempt, it was, hey we want all the Jews gone because they are different, they are a different religion and everything. He started these wars to wipe them out and try to eliminate the Jews and he is not the first person to do it throughout history.

We can get into that in another sermon series in the future, but that is what each of these Reichs were. They were an attempt to unite Germany and the surrounding nations under one religion and one rule and it was really fundamentally an attempt to recreate the Holy Roman Empire. Now whether or not it is really holy is really up to you to decide, but it was an attempt to create this original Roman empire.

We know that Germany is the leopard. Let’s go to Revelation to further confirm this. Revelation 13:3, so it is at the end of the Bible, 13:3, let’s read this. ‘One of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.’

Let’s give a little bit more context on this. One of the heads was wounded, now is this being specifically referred to as the leopard with the 4 heads and the 4 wings and it is one of those heads? Well, we know that it is not specifically that beast, however, it is a combination of the beast.

Let’s back it up a little bit to the beginning of Revelation chapter 13 and see what this vision says, ‘And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had 10 horns.’ Okay, remember that is a pretty good correlation, from the 10-horned beast in Daniel chapter 7. Let’s see, ten horns and 7 heads with ten crowns on its horns. So 7 heads. Okay, that is more than the 4, but it could still be similar and we will get to that eventually. I don’t want to spoil it yet.

‘The beast I saw resembled a leopard’. We are getting to the leopard here, ‘It had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. And the dragon,’ which would be that fourth beast, ‘Gave the beast its power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have the fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed and the whole world was astonished and followed that beast.’

If you get a little bit from there we have sort of a combination of all of these beasts and it resembled this leopard and one of the heads seemed to have a fatal wound. We are going to dive into this fatal wound. What does it mean, that this leopard head was wounded and why is that significant?

Well, let’s check this out. Adolf Hitler was the Third Reich and he ruled from 1933 to 1945 Germany. That was also about the time of World War II when Germany invented or created this leopard tank and used it to nearly win the war. One of the only reasons that it stopped was because when Hitler decided to start marching in on Russia their tanks couldn’t make it through there. It was muddy, he started going in there in like September/October, right before winter. His tanks were getting stuck in the mud. Things were freezing.

It wasn’t working and really the war would have died out or was starting to die out at that point in time which is why America decided we better get involved because the war will be over. We can’t just have sat aside and let everybody else fight this war. Then obviously America decided to jump in, but that is again another issue, another day.

You can do some research on your own if you would like to verify any of that information and of course, feel free to comment below. Just remember that in all of this commenting and discussing because this is such a big sermon series, there are a lot of people who we have reached and who are communicating through this, please remember to be respectful and to read other people’s comments with an open heart and an open mind and be respectful.

Germany after World War II they were mortally wounded, they were practically devastated. The nation was never thought to recover after World War II for real. It was going to be done, it was pretty much wiped out, it was over. Germany was over but the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and then incidentally created modern-day Russia in 1991, so between 1989 and 1991 things were getting rebuilt.

Germany was restructured as well and really the new Russia was created. The modern-day Russia that we have right now, the bear, East and West Germany which were separated, were united once again into a nation and one nation of Germany. This was a near-fatal wound just like Revelation says, one of the heads.

Remember that is the Third Reich, one of the heads Adolf Hitler’s rule, he led this and then got completely wounded. Germany split east and west, the wall came down eventually and then now they are united again under the European Union with France and they have other allies around there. They have recovered from this near-fatal wound.

What happened at that time? The world could not believe it. People in America who had never been over in Germany, who were just around, they were cheering that the Berlin Wall fell. Still today, almost 30 years later almost, people are traveling over there to look at the site of the Berlin Wall and look at the memorials and look at the museums of it and look at the history. We are still fascinated. The whole world was filled with wonder and at that time a new world order was born.

We created modern-day Russia. We have a new Germany, a new Reich, and the European Union. This was an incredible time and that is exactly what it says in the Bible here. The whole world was astonished at the healing of this leopard head that was wounded. We have the leopard of Germany, the 4 wings, 2 of them from Germany’s symbol of the eagle, 2 of them from France came together. Then 4 heads, 4 Reichs, the last Reich was reborn when the Berlin Wall came down, Germany was reunited in addition so it created a new Germany area and European Union new Reich, all of that.

It created the modern-day Russia which is the bear who will eventually potentially start to march on and either start rebuilding the former Russia by claiming countries that it once held and trying to recreate that USSR or it will start wiping out other countries that threaten the alliances with others like such as the radical terrorism groups of the Muslim world or the Islam world. Again we specified all that.

We went into detail that it is a small group of them that gives the rest a bad rap which is really sad. Islam means peace, so Muslim is really a peaceful religion. However, there are some groups who are doing it in that name, probably to try to tear down the religion. They very possibly are worshiping a false God. Those militant groups that believe they are Muslim, they are probably not Muslim.

They may even be intentionally doing it to tear down that religion and we will talk more about that in the weeks to come. That it is just exactly like terrorists. Some in the United States claim that they are Christian and that they follow and this is what they want to do, and then they go out and kill people.

Because they are killing people who aren’t believers or they are trying to kill people who they think are against religion or something like that or they get into these mass suicides that the person who is leading that or the people who are those terrorists have very possibly a demon or something controlling them with a foothold in their life. They are not of that religion, they are of something else but they are trying to tear down that religion.

It is like I said very possibly that Russia could step in and those 3 ribs could be 3 of those middle eastern countries that it tries to wipe out and get rid of that terrorism because they are tired of their friends over in Europe maybe who go to Russia for some help and then all of this starts happening.

When this Berlin Wall fell, one of these leopard heads, the Third Reich was wounded and then recovered. The European Union was born and a new world order was born. Remember we have a new Russia. We have a new Germany. We have France allied with Germany and the European Union, a new Reich, and the world was in wonder, was astonished.

This is very very exciting. It is something that we hadn’t seen before. The whole world changed and a new world order was born. We are going to talk about that next week. This new world order and what it means and how things could start progressing.

Now that we have identified all of these beasts, we know that they are modern nations, we see what they represent. We have examined the other people’s representation of what they believe the beasts are and we have shown that it is wrong. We know where we stand.

Right now we are caught up to today. We have a new world order that is going to start and that is going to start marking things for the fourth beast to come for the East to start fighting against the West and then that will mark the beginning of the end. Then finally the end when it is all over, so stay with us, we have got a few more to go. It is going to be very exciting.

Let’s pray. Lord Jesus thank you so much for this time together, for the insight that you have given us on these beasts and the ability to understand and interpret the scriptures in the Bible. I ask that each and every person out there would continue to be fascinated with this and that they would start to see those correlations in history.

Whether they have lived at those times when this happened in the 90s or whether they were just born or whether they are still young and they can go back and look at it all and talk to people who were around and visit some nursing homes and bless the older people by learning more about what they lived through.

Lord, I ask that this would be a great segue into your word that when they say, why are you so curious about this? They could say that it is from the Bible and then that would lead to more and more people coming to know you as their personal Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Remember we have got great discussions going on, whether it is on YouTube in the comments below or whether it is on Facebook, people like to talk on Facebook a lot more than on YouTube, so visit the Facebook page. Check out the comments, engage in some discussion, be polite, be respectful, feel free to share this video with others, and then call them up and talk to them about it or even in person.

You guys could watch it together and then discuss and get some really opinionated discussion going to learn more about this. Because that is really how we learn, through talking about it and sharing with other people. Again if you have any questions comment below and I hope that you tune in next week as we talk about the new world order. God bless.