Learn more about why Spencer Coffman began Social Media Ministries and how long it’s been in the works. Listen to the story and show your support by sharing, liking, and subscribing.

I started Social Media Ministries because I want to help grow the church of Christ. In today’s world, people are spending more time than ever on social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more. If Christians aren’t actively sharing Biblical content on these platforms, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach people for Christ.

The trouble is, many Christians don’t know what to share. That’s where Social Media Ministries can help. We create Bible-based content that people can watch and share with the click of a button. Use it and share it to learn and help others learn as well.

We believe that the effective use of social media is vital to reach more people in the 21st century. And that’s what Social Media Ministries is all about: helping Christians maximize their impact online so that more lives can be transformed by the Gospel!

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. My name is Spencer Coffman. Welcome to Social Media Ministries.

So, what is Social Media Ministries? Well, this is a channel or a project, a company, business, nonprofit, etc., whatever you choose to call it, with the goal of bringing the Bible, or the Word of God, the Scriptures, to as many people as possible. How are we doing that? Well, we are using social media – hence the name Social Media Ministries.

So, currently, we have a YouTube channel, which is hopefully something that you have subscribed to. If not, please do so. Hit the subscribe button. You can also click the bell icon on any one of our videos to be alerted when new videos are posted. So, that is something that is really nice. It is a good thing for you to do to stay updated and keep up to date when we post new content.

We would also really appreciate it if you would take the time to share these videos. Because, as we said, the goal or the mission, the purpose, of Social Media Ministries is to share this with as many people as possible.

The only way we can do that is through the support of viewers like you – of people who are following us, who are watching our videos, and who decide to help us fulfill our mission and complete our goal of sharing these videos with as many people as possible.

Now, we also have a Facebook page where we will be posting links, mainly to our YouTube videos. Also, there could be some other stuff there in the future as we continue to grow. We may have more things, maybe images or events, fundraisers, and different things like that, regular content or updates.

So, please find us on Facebook and follow the page. You can also invite your friends to like the page, as well, because we need to continue to grow a big following to, again, fulfill our mission of sharing this with as many people as possible.

So, why did we do this? What is the goal here? Kind of the back story, basically Social Media Ministries has been a project that has been in my mind and on my heart for at least five years. It may even be longer, but I kind of came up with the name and the idea about five years ago.

Really, it’s been something that has been in my mind since about 2015. In about 2017 is kind of when I started to develop the notion, the idea. 2018 is when I thought, “Okay, this is when I want to start doing it.”

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t happening. Something didn’t connect, or it didn’t feel right. It could be that I was running away from the calling of doing it. I don’t know what the exact reasoning was, but it didn’t happen.

So, then in about 2019, I started a project of recording the Bible through the Bible app and letting the speaker read the Bible while I recorded it on screen. And, then I would take each of those chapters of the book – I started in Genesis – and would post them onto the Social Media Ministries’ channel.

And, that went on for quite a while. It was going really well. I made it through only a few books of the Bible, several chapters: Genesis, Exodus, and part of Leviticus, and the company of the Bible app, they said that they didn’t want to have that affiliation. They didn’t want to allow me to use their app to record the Bible and share that.

So, unfortunately, I had to take all the videos down.

That was kind of a setback for me and for Social Media Ministries. If you followed our Facebook page at that time, you know the posts are still there, so you could scroll back and see it. But, it was a tough time. And – not like super tough – but it wasn’t something that felt encouraging. It didn’t feel like it was a good thing happening. So, basically, I kind of stopped.

As you know, the world then shut down shortly after that due to a major worldwide virus, and that has lasted for about a year, a little bit more. And, over that year I obviously had a lot of time to think, because again the world was shut down, and I felt that it was just time to get back into it, to figure out, what exactly is Social Media Ministries? Is it going to happen? Is it a pipe dream that I have? What is the purpose behind it? What is going on?

And so, through a lot of reflection, prayer obviously, talking to God, and then also my wife, I’ve finally decided that, you know, it’s probably something that I’ve needed to do and that I should be doing, and that in doing so I’m honoring – I’m being obedient to what I am supposed to do.

Because, I feel like it has been something that if it’s been on my mind and in my heart for this long, and I’ve chosen not to do it, or had an excuse not to do it, or blamed something else, whether it’s the shutdown, or not having a filming location, or not having the proper supplies, or a good camera, proper lighting, all of this stuff has really been a hindrance, and still today I don’t have all of the great stuff.

I’m on a really old iPhone. I have not really great lighting. I’m filming in an okay location, but the point is, it’s something – you can’t come up with those excuses. So, once I stopped and just accepted it. I’m moving forward, and hopefully, it’ll continue to grow, and then I can get those things that will be needed later on down the road.

But, the point was, and I guess it really hit me when through reading the Bible, and everything. And, I had read a verse, and it was about Saul and how he just conquered and had a great victory, but God had told him to completely wipe out everybody, all the cattle, the livestock, everything.

And, Saul kind of half did that. He did it, but they took plunder. Because all the cattle, livestock, everything like that, was really pleasing, and it was good. And so, he took that, but he didn’t take it for himself. He took it to go and sacrifice it to honor God for their victory.

And so, in his mind, his intentions, in his heart, he thought what he was doing was really good, but, unfortunately, Samuel told him, “No, what you did was bad because you disobeyed God, and you didn’t listen. He told you to get rid of it all. Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

And so, I feel like in my life I’ve been sacrificing because I’ve been saying, ‘Well, I can’t record all these videos because I am not getting paid for it. I don’t make any money. We have bills to pay. We have to live. This has been a tough year with everything shut down. It’s been harder, obviously, to make a living for a lot of people, myself included.”

And so, it’s just one more thing that prolonged it, whether – “Oh, I don’t have the money to invest in a $1,200 brand new iPhone with a great camera, or the couple hundred bucks in lighting, or the microphones, or whatever you need, or the space. I can’t rent a building to record or a studio.”

And so, it’s been excuses. I’ve been sacrificing and working on other things, mainly to try to pay the bills. Have a job, or running a business, things like that, which is taking up all of my time. And so, it’s really sacrificing my time to do that. Well, if obedience was better than sacrifice, it kind of hit me. And, I realized, I need to obey and do this, and everything else will follow.

So, Social Media Ministries, that’s kind of my story behind it. Why I am doing it? I’m not doing it because, “Oh, I just want to be some online preacher,” or something like that. This is really something that there has been a calling to it, and it has been something that has been happening. Like I said, it’s been in my mind since about 2015, really since about 2017. At the time of this recording, we are currently sitting in 2021.

So again, it has been a lot of years behind this, and, you know, stupidly I’m still not much closer. It’s not like I’ve been saving money to try to invest in buying the great equipment, or doing something, because I just – I don’t know why. Again, stupid, but the point on this is it’s been a wake-up call, and it’s finally happening.

So, hopefully, you guys see that it is sincere and it’s real, and you decide to tune in to future videos because this one is, again, just the introduction. It’s why we are doing what we are doing and kind of the back story.

I’ll continue to do videos like this throughout the future, going forward, to update you on what’s happening, kind of the behind-the-scenes take on things, and more of how things are going, progress that we’re making, etc. If we need help, or if we need something – I mean we need a lot of things, but I’m not going to just always ask for that kind of stuff.

Mainly, what the goal is is, again, to share the message. So, it’s sharing the videos, subscribing to the channel, sharing on Facebook, liking things. Just keep the social media buzz up there so that eventually we could continue to be trending or going viral, whatever the case may be, as long as we’re out there.

Again, this isn’t something that we’re doing; it’s not a business. We’re not trying to make a ton of money. Eventually, hopefully, I will be doing a nonprofit to accept donations, but at this time we don’t have that because the expense of creating one of those is about $5,000.

So, that’s going to be something that comes along in the future. If you are watching this video in the future, we may already have the nonprofit. So, stay updated with our Facebook page and newer videos to determine whether or not we have it. But, at this point in time, at the recording of this video, literally all we have is what you see here. We have this. This is it.

Follow the Facebook page, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and stay tuned for updates and everything that is moving forward.

So, thank you very much for watching this video, for tuning in, for giving me the time to share with you, and to kind of get my heart out there for you guys to see what is going on and why it’s going on.

So again, the purpose of Social Media Ministries is to share the Word of God, the living Word of God with as many people as possible through social media. We are going to bring the Bible and the Scriptures to as many people as possible, and we’re using social media to do that.

So, again, hopefully, you will find it in you to subscribe to the channel. If you want to click the bell icon to be alerted for new videos, we’d appreciate that. Also, the Facebook page, follow that, and then if you want to donate or give, you can contact us on the Facebook page. Leave comments, and we can figure something out.

At this point in time, like I said, we don’t have the 501 or the non-profit, but we anticipate that if things continue to go or go well as anticipated that that is something that will happen in the future.

So, keep us in mind, keep us in your hearts, keep us in your prayers, and hopefully we can, we can all share the Word of God.

Thanks again.