Who do you serve? You may think you serve God, but are you truly serving God with your entire life? You need to make an active choice. You are either with or against God. There is no “on the fence”. You may think that you can live your life without making a decision about God, but the truth is that every day you are either moving closer to Him or further away. The choice is yours.

Think about it – if there is a loving and all-powerful God who created the universe and everything in it, wouldn’t you want to know more? Wouldn’t you want to have a relationship with Him?

So don’t wait any longer. Make up your mind whether or not to follow Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. It’s time to take action on what matters most!

You need to be 100% living for God. You need to have heavenly goals and desires and live for those goals each and every moment of every single day. Your existence needs to thrive based on accomplishing the steps that take you closer to achieving those heavenly goals.

Referenced Verses:
Luke 11:23
Revelation 3:16
Luke 9:50