We have t-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Shirts, and more! Order your Social Media Ministries apparel and have it shipped to you from Spring.

Please check out these great designs and share some of them on your social media. We have the prices set as low as Spring allowed. Therefore, we are selling them at cost and are not making any money on this apparel.

They are being sold to help spread awareness for Social Media Ministries.


Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. Check it out, we have Social Media Ministries apparel available for you to purchase online. You can do so with the link in the description below.

A couple of notes on this is that we’ve created these shirts, basically, it’s just uploading our logo and creating a store that we are selling merchandise/apparel. You can get sweatshirts, you can get t-shirts, you can get tank tops, you can get v-neck shirts, you can get comfort tees, regular tees, you can get long sleeve shirts, all kinds of stuff available for you.

We are doing this not to make money. All of the prices that you will see by visiting the link in the description below, we have set this price at the lowest possible price and it’s all done through Spring formerly known as Teespring. They tell us what it costs to produce each item made to order and then they set a minimum price and their customers can set the price at any price over that and try to make money.

Well, we have set this at the lowest possible price, so what that means is that if you want to go on and order any of these shirts, we have got a ton of colors available, we have got a ton of different options, so please use the link, check it out, share our store on your social media. Anything you order, we are not taking a profit from that, we are not making money on the sale of this apparel.

This is done exclusively and specifically to try to spread awareness, to reach more people. Maybe you will be wearing this shirt somewhere and someone will say, ‘Hey, what does that mean?’ and then you can tell them about this online church, the sermons that they could go and watch on YouTube.

I highly encourage you to check it out, they are very reasonably priced so don’t worry about that, and again they are the lowest we can go, so we can not go any lower than this. Check them out.

If you have any questions, comment below, we’d love to help you out. If you want to purchase them and give them out or do anything like that, comment below so we can try to communicate and tag that in our social media as well. But at the very least visit our store and take a look at what we have available.

Thank you. God bless.