Take a look at this package we received from Spring! We are unboxing our new Social Media Ministries T-Shirt. You can order one for yourself using this link! social-media-ministries.creator-spring.com/

All of our apparel is sold at the lowest possible price. As a result, we aren’t collecting any profits from the sale of these items. We are selling them at cost so that you can purchase them as low as possible!

Use the link and see what we have to offer. Be sure to share your favorite designs on your social media.


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Social Media Ministries. My name is Spencer Coffman.

Today we have an exciting announcement. We received a package in the mail and so we are going to open it. It is an unboxing of a new item that we now have that will be announced, so let’s get this thing open. We have got some tape there, all right, check it out. Okay, look at this nice packaging. ‘Your sample has arrived, it’s time to show and tell’. So that’s what we are doing, we are showing and telling.

What is it? Well, it came from Spring, you can check out a link in the description below in order to get your very own. Let’s see what it is. We will get rid of this box here. It is a new shirt, Social Media Ministries! We now have shirts, so you can check it out in the description below and order your very own.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this unboxing of our new item, our new shirt. One note is we do not make any money on these shirts, so if you want to order them and wear them, that would be great. We are not profiting from it, so if you are thinking that, don’t, because we do not make any money from the sale of these shirts. They are all sold at the cost of production. You can check that out in the description below and order your own shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, or whatever you like.

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God bless.