The fourth beast described in Daniel Chapter 7 is a ferocious character. This beast coincides with the beast described in Revelation Chapter 13. It is a beast that represents a future nation that will arise in the final world order. Therefore, it could very well be a nation that we don’t know of in today’s world. One that does not yet exist.

The fourth beast represents a nation that is an alliance of several nations. Out of all these nations, there will be three dominant nations that will rule or lead the others. After some time, one of two things will happen to the three nations.

Either the three nations will combine and become one nation that is even more powerful. Or one other very powerful nation will take the place of the three nations and become their leader. No matter what happens, we know that this will mark the beginning of a terrible war.

Referenced Verses:
Daniel 7:7-8
Revelation 13:1

If you haven’t already, please read:
Daniel 2:1-49
Daniel 7:1-28
Daniel 8:1-27
Revelation 12:1-17
Revelation 13:1-18
Revelation 14:1-20


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Social Media Ministries, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you so much for being here today. We are on part 11 of a 14-part sermon series on the end times. This is a great series, it is a great topic that a lot of people are interested in and a lot of people disagree on and that is okay. I am giving you permission to disagree because as we have said before, this is not a salvation issue.

The issue of salvation is whether or not you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and whether He died for your sins and you are living with Him leading your life. We have to agree there. We can disagree, but I hope that eventually you will agree and become a follower of Jesus, but this part isn’t something that whether you agree or disagree is not going to get you in or out of heaven. That being said, let’s continue on.

If this is your first time with us, yeah we just laid it on you heavily, so hopefully you are still watching. We have talked about several different things related to the end times. You can check them all out here in a playlist. Otherwise, navigate to our YouTube channel and find that playlist.

What have we talked about? We talked about the end times in general. Then we spoke on Daniel’s dream specifically in Daniel chapter 7. Then we explained how the beasts in the dream represent modern nations and we stated a couple of verses that support that, that it is nations that would be modern, so future from Daniel and about in our time today.

We also spoke about how the erroneous representation of the beasts, a lot of people tie those beasts back to Daniel chapter 2 which was something that happened 50 years before Daniel chapter 7 and it is Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. We spoke about Daniel chapter 8 and how the people have kind of confused those chapters as mingling together, when in fact chapter 2 and chapter 7 are very very different. Chapter 8 is also different.

Then we jumped up to Revelation chapters 12 to 14 and tied that together on how that is more closely related to Daniel chapter 7 and it is very possible that Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, yes it was a dream of the future, but Nebuchadnezzar was in that dream and he doesn’t live forever.

It is very possible that his dream, each of those stages of that statue, those different kingdoms could be kingdoms that span thousands of years into the future. Because at the end of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, there is a rock that comes into and gets rid of everything which could be Christ returning. So it is very possible that Nebuchadnezzar’s dream did in fact span the whole thing, which is why people could have gotten it confused and mingled the other dreams in with that.

After that, we dove into each of the beasts. The lion into the man, what that represented. The wings of an eagle torn off and what that represented. The bear with the 3 ribs and what they represent. The leopard with the 4 wings and the 4 heads and all those nations. We talked about how it was wounded and a new world order was created and now we are talking about the fourth beast.

Last week we kind of alluded to the fact that the fourth beast is going to be some nations that come together, namely Russia the bear, the leopard, and the 4 heads so Germany with its 4 Reichs, and its last Reich right now the European Union. The leopard head that was wounded and rebuilt when the Berlin Wall came down and created modern-day Germany and now the newer Russia and then how it could take on those other 3 nations trying to wipe out terrorism.

The reason that they align is potentially because of that terrorism. In addition, it had the mouth of a lion so it could also pull in Great Britain or the United Kingdom. Then that ten horns on this fourth beast could be that United Nations that comes together.

We have Daniel describing this terrible beast with large iron teeth and ten horns. He later sees another horn rise up out of this beast and take the place of the first 3 horns, that would be those first 3 nations potentially that got in on this. United Nations, this new horn had eyes and a mouth and speaks proud blasphemous words against Jesus and against God. That is from Daniel chapter 7 verses 7 and 8.

Hopefully, by now you are pretty familiar with Daniel chapter 7, but we are going to read them anyway in case there are any people who are new here. If you haven’t read Daniel chapter 7, I encourage you to do so.

Chapter 7 verse 7 and 8, ‘After that in my vision at night I looked and there before me was a fourth beast, terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth. It crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the other beasts and it had ten horns. While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one which came up among them and 3 of the first horns were uprooted.’

Now it says 3 of the first, doesn’t mean it was the first 3, it just means it was 3 of the first group of ten. So any 3 of those ten nations could be uprooted by one other person or one other nation that comes in and knocks them out. Potentially this could be 3 nations, a part of this group that Russia could come in and take out, but it is unlikely because Russia is already a bear and those 3 ribs are already 3 other nations.

It is very possible that these ten horns are different than Russia and its 3 nations, however, it could be related to that fact. It could be a double representation of one nation, Russia knocking out 3 others but it is unlikely. It is possible that this is different so we are just gonna keep going, but I wanted to point that out, this horn had eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth that spoke boastfully.

Now in Revelation, this beast is also described, a very similar beast with ten horns and 7 heads, and ten crowns on each of the horns with each head having a blasphemous name. Before we go over there though I want to draw one more correlation with Daniel chapter 7 and that is during the interpretation. This is Daniel chapter 7 verse 23 so keep in mind Revelation, remember the beast coming out of the sea, 7 heads, ten horns, ten crowns.

Here in Daniel, this is an interpretation of the fourth beast, ‘He gave me this explanation. The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on the earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and it will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it. The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom.’

It is one big kingdom like we said, very possibly the United Nations or this new world order of pretty much all of northern Asia and all of Europe. These ten kings will come from this so they will probably have ten rulers after them, another king will rise different from the earlier one. This is how we know that it is probably not Russia and the 3 ribs, a double correlation because it is different from the earlier ones.

‘He will subdue 3 kings and will speak against the Most High and oppress the saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times, and half a time.’ This correlation is very strong. We have ten horns. What are they in Daniel? Well, the explanation says they are 10 kings.

Then we jump over to Revelation chapter 13 verse 1 and we have the beast rising out of the sea with its ten horns, with its 7 heads, and with ten crowns on the horns. Those ten horns are ten kings because they have ten crowns represented on them, it is very very similar in that respect.

Both of these visions represent the final world order or this new world order that was created when Germany and Russia and those new nations were really renewed, they weren’t brand new but they were renewed. They have new strength and then when this alliance happens, this final world order will come about, this is the beginning of the end which we will talk about in a couple weeks, so stay tuned for that.

This beast though, this final beast represents a nation that will form and be created and be like no other. It will be a dominating force, a world superpower and today even in the world, wars, nations joined together and we had half the world fighting another half of the world so to speak. Then when the world war was over, yes they remained allies but they separated and they governed themselves separately.

We are talking here that these groups will come together and then they will stay together. Ten kings will rule this big nation, that is very possible I mean geographically, it is like half the world. I mean Russia alone is so big and if that comes together with pretty much all of Europe, we are talking about a major major new nation that will be formed and it is a great alliance.

The United Nations, potentially it will be an alliance between 3 powerful nations that will become one and have other nations beneath them. Why? Well because one horn rises up and takes the place of 3 horns, we just read that in Daniel chapter 7 verse 8. And the ten horns with ten crowns from Revelation 13:1 Revelation beast also had 7 heads.

How do we know what nations are going to come together to make this new beast? Well, the Revelation beast had 7 heads and we talked about this a little bit last week on how they are represented by these other nations. We know it is not the US coming in because the eagle’s wings are not mentioned anywhere in here.

We have these heads, think about this. The beast had 7 heads so let’s combine the heads of the beasts that Daniel described we get 7 heads. 1 lion, remember the Revelation beast had the mouth like that of a lion. 1 bear, the Revelation beast feet like those of a bear. 4 leopards, the beast resembled a leopard.

In Revelation, we get 1 beast, so 1. That would be 7 heads, 1 lion, 1 bear. That is 2, 4 more heads, 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 1 other beast, 7 heads and so this beast that is being described in Revelation is a combination of all those other beasts. How do we know it is a combination? Because he said that resembles a leopard, feet like a bear, mouth like a lion.

One of the heads was wounded. What head was wounded? A leopard head wounded, remember when Germany fell Adolf Hitler’s rule the Third Reich left, that was wounded, it was never thought to recover but then East and West Germany when the Berlin Wall came down they became united. The world was astonished and is still astonished at that immaculate recovery and that is exactly what it says in Revelation, that the whole world was astonished and followed the beast.

In other words Great Britain, the European Union which is East and West Germany, or now one Germany, the new Germany, and France. How do we know it is France? Because the leopard with 4 wings and 4 heads was the leopard from Germany, the leopard tank, the 4 heads, 4 Reichs, 4 wings, 2 of those wings were from Germany’s symbol the eagle and 2 of those wings are from France’s symbol the rooster.

We have the United Kingdom of the lion Great Britain. We have the European Union of Germany which could be even East and West Germany, 2 nations becoming 1 new Germany and then France. Then we have the newer Russia which was created when the Berlin Wall came down and modern-day Russia was born in 1991. They will all unite and become one terrible nation for a short time. This spans Europe and northern Asia.

Now how short is this time that they reign together? Well, it is about 4 years and we have stated that from the Bible last week we spoke about how it is. They were allowed to reign for almost 4 years. Once they have united they start to kind of devour and crush and rule other nations. What are they doing? What is the point of this?

Well in today’s world, what could happen in order for that alliance to happen? We have spoken a lot about this primarily in today’s world and what we know of what is going on around the world. The factor or the force that could cause this type of a unity is probably terrorism. So it is very possible that Europe and Russia join forces and start moving south and knocking out terrorism. They are just crushing and devouring and nothing is in their way.

Then they are just wiping them out and this is very possible that it could happen for 4 years that they could just be on this rampage, but it is a good rampage and the reason why the United States didn’t get involved yet or hasn’t been involved in this with this creation is very similar to World War II.

World War II was from 1933 to 1945 or that was Adolf Hitler’s rule of the Reich, the actual war could be different but Adolf Hitler’s rule the Third Reich was from 1933 to 1945 and as you know the United States didn’t get involved into that until in the 1940s. Well if it started in 1933, why did they wait so long to get involved? Well because they were sitting on the sideline allowing everybody else to fight and thinking it would fizzle out.

Then when it in fact started fizzling out when Hitler started marching into Russia at the start of winter and his men weren’t dressed properly, they were freezing, they were getting sick, they were dying. The tanks couldn’t go through the mud, the snow, and they had to leave a lot of equipment behind. I mean the war was practically over at that point in time when he started marching on Russia, in fact, a year later there might not have even been a war. So the United States said, we got to get in on this and they got in and then it continued the war effort.

So again, you could have a different opinion. That is fine. We are talking here biblically, this is a pattern. That pattern there happened. Then we have a new nation being created, a new beast, Russia, and Germany, this is pretty similar to the world war. Except this time Germany is not going to attack, they are going to ally Europe and Russia together. What could be the only thing, the United States says, we will sit back and leave it, well it is probably something the United States was already involved in and is involved in.

It is very possible that the US might even lend some support because we already have a presence over in a lot of those countries. If this new nation of these 10 kings, 10 rulers, starts marching south and wiping out those terrorism nations, they start moving into the middle east and maybe even into Africa and just start devouring and crushing and trampling everything in their path.

The United States, our military that is in those nations, they might say this is great, this is what we have been waiting to do and the US says sure, just let it happen and it continues and that happens for almost 4 years or around 4 years.

Like I said before, it is possible the US maybe at that point in time, if the reason they don’t get involved or they are just slightly involved is because they look at it and our leader says yeah just let it happen, we are already there, we have a presence as long as they don’t attack our bases and they stay to attacking all the terrorist groups and the militants then, we will let it happen. Then 4 years later something happens.

Then the United States is going to get involved and that is where we have the east against the west. In addition, it could be that during that period of time perhaps the United States undergoes some type of a major catastrophe, maybe worse than the great depression worse than the dust bowl, or all these things, the stock market crashes, who knows what could happen. Maybe something nuclear goes off over here and puts us back in the dark ages for those 4 years, we don’t know but something could be happening.

Again maybe we have a president in office that is really brain dead so to speak or very dull and just says, no, let the world do its thing. Maybe we have a president in the office that says, hey we are going to focus on our nation, pull everybody back and let’s rebuild the United States and instead of sending our money over there we will fix our poverty, and then the US becomes even a greater nation than it is today and they just really focus on the US.

I mean it could be a variety of possible options. Another possible option could be the military throws the president out and there is a coup and the military is in charge for 4 years until another election happens and then we get a leader and the leader says, all right we got to do something about this new nation that is being created of all of Asia and they are marching south. We gotta step in here. There could be a lot of different possible options that this happens, we don’t know about it.

Next week we are going to speak about the East against the West. Stay tuned for that. It is going to be a great message exactly like all of these. I hope you have been enjoying this sermon series. Again we welcome your comments and your discussion. In addition, feel free to share it with other people and get them involved as well. If you haven’t seen the other messages or you haven’t heard them, get caught up, podcast, YouTube channel, whatever it takes to get caught up and understand exactly what is going on here.

Let’s pray. Lord Jesus thank you for this great time together. Thank you for the awesome insights that you have given us into the future and the world to come. Lord, we ask that you would continue to make this known to us, reveal it through scripture, and help us really engage in and find out more about this and be polite and respectful with others and conversing about it.

Lord, ultimately we ask that this would be a great introduction to the Bible for other people, that they would continue reading it and continue getting into it and then find the New Testament Gospels and the salvation messages proclaimed by Jesus Christ and His disciples around the world. Lord, I ask a blessing upon each person out there. That you would touch them, give them eyes to see and ears to hear. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Thanks again for being here this week. This has been a great message. I have really enjoyed doing this series. I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Stay tuned, we are not done yet. We have got a few more messages to go. God bless.