The blood of Christ was poured out for you. Communion is a lot more than simply an act of remembrance. Yes, we participate in communion to remember that we have been saved by the blood of Christ. First, the old covenant blood of the Passover, and second, the new covenant blood of Jesus. However, there is much more than that.

The communion wine represents the blood of Christ and feeds your physical self. Remember, you are also a spiritual being and you need to feed your spirit. The spirit within you thirsts for righteousness. How do you quench this spiritual thirst? You drink the blood of Christ.

It may sound a little grotesque, but you MUST satisfy the thirst of the Holy Spirit within you. How do you do this? You can’t literally drink blood, after all, that would be treating a physical need. Remember, you need to quench a spiritual thirst. This means you need to consume the blood of Christ.

You learned last week that you need to feed your spirit with the body of Christ and that the body of Christ is the Word of God. The Bible. In the same way, the Bible is also the blood of Christ. Therefore, you must consume and ingest the Bible to quench your spiritual thirst!

Referenced Verses:
Luke 22:20
John 3:16
Exodus 12:5-7
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