www.goodshop.com/causes/social-media-ministries-burnsville Support Social Media Ministries when you shop online by using GoodShop! Create an account using the link below and select Social Media Ministries as your preferred charity.

Then, whenever you shop online, simply visit GoodShop and click through to the merchant. GoodShop will donate to Social Media Ministries at no cost to you!

Use GoodSearch when you search the web and they will donate a portion of the earned proceeds to support Social Media Ministries!

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. Today I want to tell you about an awesome opportunity that we have that you can help us out with called Good Shop. Now this is a really cool platform that you can use when you are shopping online.

So basically you go to goodshop.com, there will be a link in the description below that is specifically for our charity, you would type in select a charity to support, you create an account and all of that kind of stuff, and then you choose Social Media Ministries as your designated charity. Then you can shop online at hundreds, maybe even thousands of different retailers, and when you make a purchase on whatever online store, then a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Social Media Ministries at no cost to you.

This is an incredible opportunity that you can use to help support Social Media Ministries when you shop online that doesn’t cost you anything. So if you do any online shopping, whether it is Target for your groceries, Walmart, whether you use different apps like InstaCart or whatever you buy on Gap or Old Navy or you buy your clothes at Aeropostale or Hollister or you shop at big retailers online like Coach or Nordstrom or any of these online retailers, if you buy anything online check out our link for Good Shop.

See if that store is listed there and click to go to that store through Good Shop and a percentage of your purchase will be donated at no cost to you. Now for those of you who are like, I already have a rewards program I want to get my points or my Rakuten or Ebates or MyPoints or Inbox Dollars or some other rewards site that I’m asking you, hey if that is so important to you, then please support us in another way. Whether it is through prayer, sharing this video, or maybe take a look and see how many points you really earn and see what it is worth to you.

If you are only earning a $50 gift card every year, guess what, that would go a long way toward bringing more people to learn about Jesus and teaching them how to become disciples and followers of Jesus. So if you could part with that and start using Good Shop instead of your current rewards program, then we would really appreciate it here at Social Media Ministries.

But there is also another opportunity for you if you are not into that, you can use something called Good Search. You can make this your default search engine on your computer, on your phone, wherever and then anytime you search the web for whatever you search for, cookie recipe or can my dog eat this, or what is a conversion for this or whatever you search, for every search they will donate to Social Media Ministries, again at no cost to you. This is something that hopefully every single person watching this video will do or will at least try.

Maybe you don’t like the search engine, but try it first, set it as your default search. Select Social Media Ministries as your supported charity and every time you search the internet you will be supporting Social Media Ministries.

We would thank you for that and again it is at no cost to you, so this is an awesome opportunity for you to support us, it doesn’t cost you anything, it is stuff you are already doing. That is all there is to it, you are already going to do this. Why not help a charity? Help a 501(c)(3), help a non-profit, help other people learn more about the Bible, about Jesus, and support us while you do the things you already do.

If you have any questions or any comments feel free to place them below. We will do what we can to help you out to get you set up so that you can start supporting Social Media Ministries when you do your everyday online activities. Thank you and God bless.