Round up your Walmart purchases to support Social Media Ministries when you shop on the Walmart website or app. If you’re making a purchase, use Walmart Round Up to round your total up to the next dollar and support Social Media Ministries in doing so!

You can also help Social Media Ministries by purchasing items from our Walmart Charity Registry. Any item you purchase will be automatically shipped to us. In addition, Walmart will provide you with a charitable giving receipt!

Check out our registry here!


Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries, I have an exciting announcement. You can now support Social Media Ministries when you shop at Walmart.

So the next time you are shopping at ordering gifts or presents for someone or getting your groceries or you are on the Walmart app and you are shopping through there, you can support Social Media Ministries directly in your checkout.

So what does it take? Well when you’re checking out online or through the app, now this applies whether you are ordering online and shipping to your home or whether you are ordering and then going to Walmart and picking it up. It is called Spark Good or Round-Up, so that is what you are going to look for when you are on the checkout page clicking through, there is going to be an option to round up your purchase to the next dollar amount and then that amount will go to Social Media Ministries.

For example let’s say you purchase some groceries and the amount is $29.50, you can round it up to an even $30, and then 50 cents will go to Social Media Ministries. Now, these donations of course Walmart is going to provide you with a giving receipt, a charitable donation receipt that you can use, and all of that will come to Social Media Ministries through the Walmart program for non-profits.

We are verified with them, we are a verified non-profit, that was a big process so celebrate with us, we finally got that taken care of. But now you can support us when you check out, just round up to the nearest dollar amount and it is really not that much and every little bit helps. So if you do that when you shop at Walmart and you can tell your friends and family to do the same thing we would really appreciate it.

Another thing that you can do to support us through Walmart, is we have what is called a registry and so it is a bunch of items that we could use here at Social Media Ministries and you can go on with the link in the description below. You can click and you can view all these items and if you want you can purchase something and it will be shipped directly to us. So you don’t have to worry about getting it to us, you don’t have to be like, ‘Well I’ll buy this, but how am I going to get it to them?

All you do is you buy it. You add it to your cart and boom it ships right to us. You can even do the Round-Up thing in your cart when you check out and round up to the nearest dollar amount, so you have those even dollar amounts on your credit card when you make those purchases. I always kind of like that. But a lot of people might not be like me, I kind of like everything even.

But it is a great way for you to support Social Media Ministries, please consider doing so. Remember this when you shop on Walmart that you can round up to the nearest dollar and select Social Media Ministries as your preferred charity, then we can receive that difference. Those pennies every time you make a purchase, every time your friend makes a purchase, every time your family member makes a purchase from Walmart.

Now one thing is, you can still if you are a points or a rewards-type person and you like to shop with these My Points or Inbox Dollars or Rakuten or all these different things like eBates, Swagbucks, you can still click through them and shop and then when you check out just use the Round-Up. It doesn’t take away from any of that, so don’t worry about your points, you can still gather all that and make a difference helping Social Media Ministries and of course check out that registry in the description below, a lot of items that we could use, that we can always use, there’s no limit.

We can always use them, we have different events and things going on where all of those things in that list and we will keep them updated, but feel free to purchase any of those at any time and again it will be shipped right to us here at Social Media Ministries.

Thank you so much. I hope you share this video with your friends and your family and on your social media accounts and also check out the other videos of different ways you can support us.

Thank you and God bless.