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Your financial information is kept completely secure through PayPal. They handle all of that, process everything, and then send us the money. They’ll even send you a charitable giving receipt!

If you aren’t able to give financially, please consider supporting us with prayer. In addition, sharing our videos is also a huge help. You can also like our videos, follow our social media accounts, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. All of that will really help us.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. We have some exciting news, we are now able to accept donations online.

You can use the link in the description below or if you are watching on social media you will have to navigate to the original video on the YouTube channel and then click on the link in the description or in the pinned comments. That will take you to a page where you can donate to help support Social Media Ministries. There are some suggested dollar amounts, whether it is $50, $100, or even $500, any amount helps.

We are really looking for some monthly contributors, so if that’s you, if you could make a regular monthly donation to help support Social Media Ministries we would greatly appreciate that. All of the money received is going to go directly into Social Media Ministries and it will be used to help further grow the Kingdom of God. It will help us complete our mission of spreading the living word of God to as many people as possible through the use of social media.

If you can contribute financially that would be awesome, if not please continue to pray for us, and share this video in case there is someone else who feels called to contribute. In addition please hit the ‘Like’ button to help this video get boosted, hit the ‘Subscribe’ button on our YouTube channel, follow us on social media, and do everything you can if you would be willing to help support us in any of those ways.

However, right now we are excited to announce that you can support us financially online with a credit or debit card. It is all handled by PayPal Giving, it is secure, they are going to send you a receipt, you will have records so don’t worry about any of that. They take care of all that and then send us the money directly and we will use it to further the mission of Social Media Ministries.

Thank you and God bless.