Defeat is in Satan’s nature. It is his identity. He has been defeated time and time again, will continue to be defeated, and will ultimately be defeated for all eternity. It’s a bleak future for him. Therefore, when Satan is attacking you, remember that you’ve already won. He has already been defeated. Satan lost the battle before it even began. He stood no chance.

As long as you have Jesus within you then you have already won. Satan has been defeated. He IS defeated. So, next time you’re feeling down and it seems like Satan is wreaking havoc on your life, simply remind him that you’ve already won with Jesus. Then tell him to leave!

You have the power to resist his temptations and overcome any obstacles he may throw your way. Don’t let fear or doubt consume you, instead, stand firm in your faith and trust that God will always be by your side.

It’s important to remember that Satan is a master of deception, but with God’s guidance and strength, you can see through his lies. Stay vigilant in prayer and surround yourself with positive influences who will uplift you during times of struggle.

Don’t give up on yourself or lose hope when faced with adversity. Instead, use it as an opportunity to grow stronger in both mind and spirit. Remember that every challenge presents itself for a reason – embrace it as a chance for personal growth.

So next time Satan comes knocking at your door, don’t cower away in fear – stand tall knowing that victory has already been won!

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