It is important that you provide for your family. Whether that means you are providing financially or through caregiving, you must provide for them. Your family obviously means your own household either biologically or living with you such as your spouse and children.

However, it goes beyond that. You should also strive to provide for those around you. Your friends, neighbors, extended family, et cetera. For Christians, your family is even larger. You have brothers and sisters in Christ. They are your family as well and you need to provide for them too!

It can be a little overwhelming to accept the fact that you need to provide for all of the other Christians out there. Especially, when working to provide for your own family within your household is difficult enough. But it is something that you need to take to heart.

God wants you to provide for your brothers and sisters in Christ. It doesn’t mean you need to be the financial provider in exactly the same way that the people within your household are dependent upon you. If God has blessed you financially and you can do that, then that is wonderful.

However, for most of us, it means that you need to be willing to help and support others. You need to be there for your brothers and sisters in Christ. You need to live generously with the attitude of a good steward. Everything is God’s and you are simply taking care of it.

Work on changing your heart and accepting the calling that God has placed on you as his child. He wants you to be willing to help others. Providing for them any way you are able. Trust God and he will make it all possible for you as long as you are willing to obey.

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