Here is our November 2021 status update for Social Media Ministries. November hasn’t been very noteworthy. However, we’re still making videos! Please continue to pray for us and help us accomplish our mission by sharing our videos on your social media accounts.

Here are the highlights:
-Continued posting 1 video sermon each week.
-Continued the Social Media Ministries Podcast.
-Podcast is published on even more outlets.

December Goals:
-Hold our regular board meeting.
-Hopefully receive the Non-Profit designation approval letter.


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the November 2021 Social Media Ministries monthly update progress report, status report, etc, my name is Spencer Coffman.

Hopefully, you are a regular subscriber to Social Media Ministries, if not feel free to hit the subscribe button, the like icon, the bell icon, all of that to continue to stay tuned to not only our monthly updates but also the more important part and our mission of sharing the gospel by listening to the messages each and every week. You can share those, you can use them for anything you would like, sharing them with other people to help us achieve our mission.

Again this is the November 2021 monthly update. If you have not seen any of our past monthly updates you can check them out in a Card up here where we will have an entire playlist of our progress as time goes on. November has not been a super exciting month for us, however, we have still continued to put out regular sermons every week. We have also got the podcast going, so that has been good.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the non-profit designation, however, we are really hopeful it is going to happen in the month of December, so keep us in your prayers so that we can start fundraising. When we get funds, this is why it’s important, we get some money in then we can start spending money to promote and get the word out and that is what we really need to do.

We need more people to start seeing the sermons, the bible messages, the teachings, and we need to share that with more people and the only way that can happen is if we start spending money to promote. Because me simply sharing it on my personal social media is not going to do it, we need more people, we need viewers like you and we need to reach more audiences, and the way to do that is going to be to start advertising.

We have got to fundraise so we can get the money to start advertising, and in order to fundraise we need that non-profit designation. We are hoping that that happens in December.

Also coming up in December we have got a board meeting, so that will be cool. We will plan our next year of 2022. We have got a lot of great things coming up in the future so please stay tuned for that. Please subscribe to the channel, show us your support, hit the like button, etc. If you want to donate you can comment below, you can reach out to us on social media. We have got Instagram, we also have a Facebook page, so you can check us out on either of those as well.

This has been the November 2021 monthly update. Again not a super big month, so this has been a quick video. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, remember we have a lot to be thankful for, not only did Jesus die to save us, to save you, but we are alive and well in this great earth He has created for us to reside in during our purpose here of sharing His Word to everyone possible. So stay tuned. Thanks for tuning in today and please check out our weekly sermons every Wednesday evening.

God bless.