You must have no impure sexual thoughts. This is very serious. God wants you to be sexually pure. It is important to understand that impure sexual thoughts can lead you down a path of sin and destruction. God has given us the gift of sexuality, but it must be used in accordance with His will.

That means that you are only sexually devoted to your spouse of the opposite sex. If you’re not married, then you are NOT sexually active. I realize this belief and action may not be popular. However, it is the right way. It is God’s way. If you are not married, then you need to wait for God. He will provide you with an opposite-sex spouse so that you can be both sexually active and sexually pure.

By keeping your mind pure and free from impure thoughts, you are honoring God’s plan for your life. You are also protecting yourself from the negative consequences that come with engaging in sinful behavior.

Remember, purity is not just about abstaining from physical acts; it starts with controlling our thoughts and desires. It requires discipline and self-control, but the rewards are immeasurable.

So make a commitment to keep your mind pure and focused on what is good and honorable. Trust in God’s plan for your life, knowing that He wants what is best for you. Strive toward achieving true sexual purity and walk hand-in-hand with Jesus Christ!

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