The fourth beast described in Daniel Chapter 7 is a ferocious character. This beast coincides with the beast described in Revelation Chapter 13. It is a beast that represents a future nation that will arise in the final world order. Therefore, it could very well be a nation that we don’t know of in today’s world. One that does not yet exist.

The fourth beast represents a nation that is an alliance of several nations. Out of all these nations, there will be three dominant nations that will rule or lead the others. After some time, one of two things will happen to the three nations.

Either the three nations will combine and become one nation that is even more powerful. Or one other very powerful nation will take the place of the three nations and become their leader. No matter what happens, we know that this will mark the beginning of a terrible war.

Referenced Verses:
Daniel 7:7
Daniel 7:23
Revelation 13:1-5

If you haven’t already, please read:
Daniel 2:1-49
Daniel 7:1-28
Daniel 8:1-27
Revelation 12:1-17
Revelation 13:1-18
Revelation 14:1-20


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Social Media Ministries, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you so much for tuning in today. We are on number 10 of a 14-part sermon series, so we have got 4 left including today. About a month to go, so I hope that you stay with us for that month.

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If you are returning with us, thanks for sticking in. You have gone through 10 parts now. We are really making progress. Today we are talking about a new world order, but before we get into that we are going to kind of give a summary of what we have done already so that we are all on the same page going forward.

Let’s dive in, let’s get started. We started out talking about the end times. This is a very popular topic, it is a topic that a lot of people have opinions on and a lot of people disagree on when, and what, and how, and all of this is happening. The good thing is that you can disagree on this, it is something that isn’t a salvation issue.

Now what do I mean by that? I mean that you can have a different opinion, you can believe that something represents something here that we can disagree, and in the end, as long as both of us agree on the one fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins, that He rose again and became our punishment and our payment. The wages of sin is death and we are sinners and we have done wrong and we should be put to death for that, but Jesus died so that we don’t have to.

As long as we accept that and we ask Him to forgive us for our sins and be our payment, then we can go to heaven and we can have Him be in charge of our life here on earth and we will go to heaven. As long as we both agree that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our Savior then that is it, that is the salvation part.

This, how the end of the world will happen, the end times, this is not a salvation issue. It is great if we can agree on it just like the rest of the Bible, but this is something that we have to dive into and interpret and understand the scriptures written. Hopefully, this sermon series has really helped you do that.

We have talked about the end times represented in Daniel’s dream, Daniel chapter 7, and then we showed how a lot of people misinterpret Daniel chapter 7 and they tie it in with Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that happened 50 years before Daniel chapter 7. That was in Daniel chapter 2.

Then we showed how Daniel chapter 8, which happened a few years later from Daniel chapter 7, that is a few years later, Daniel had another dream, another vision, and how that can be related to Daniel chapter 2 and 7 and it was a little bit more insight. That could be where some people were drawing those wrong conclusions on how they predict the end times and what these beasts represent. We went into the beasts, how they represent modern nations, how other people misrepresent the beast.

Then we talked about the different beasts, a lion into a man, what nation that represents. The wings of an eagle, what nation that represents. The bear and the 3 ribs and what nations those could be. The leopard with the 4 heads and 4 wings and what that is. Then last week we spoke about how the leopard head was wounded, a fatal wound and then it was healed, the whole world was astonished and at that point in time a new world order began.

We have 3 big things that happened. The last Reich was created, what we believe to be the last Reich, the European Union and then we have the modern-day Russia created. Why was that created? Well because it was just restructured in about 1991 and then the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 which then united East and West Germany.

So we have a new Germany, we have a newer Russia, and then we have a European Union which is Germany and France and some other nations around it which will possibly be the last Reich. That is this new world order which united East and West Germany in 1989. Modern-day Russia in 1991, remember they are the bear and they are possibly set to go out and devour because it says they will eat their fill of flesh.

This new world order is growing. Just look from 1991, 2001, 2020, and 2021, 30 years later how much has changed? We are in 2022 now so it has been about 31 to 34 years depending on if you count from 1989 or 1991 or even a little before there, wherever you draw the line. But it is about 30 years, that is the bottom line, it doesn’t matter.

30 years later, think of how much has changed. How the world has grown. How strong Russia is. How great Germany is. The rebuilding that they have done after World War II. Even since World War II 70 years ago, think of how much has changed.

This new world order is growing. Once it is fully grown it will unite Europe and Russia under one nation of socialism. You say why, how do we get there? Well, take a look at this. We speculated before that Russia as the bear, it was told ‘get up and eat your fill of flesh’, we didn’t speculate on those words but we speculated that the 3 ribs in its mouth are Russia consuming its fill of flesh.

Now of course there could be some further inferences that we could draw. We could say, well why was it only seen with 3 ribs? Where are the other ribs? Maybe it already devoured those nations and they became absorbed into Russia and those 3 ribs are some other nations that it is finishing. Who knows? Maybe that is where it started and just ripped those 3 ribs out of the rest of the body and it started with those 3 and the rest it is still waiting to conquer.

We don’t know what order those ribs came into the bear’s mouth, but we do know that Russia is told to get up and eat its fill of flesh. We believe that that represents Russia, but the bear is told to get up and eat its fill of flesh so it will be devouring.

What is it going to do? If it starts devouring, if Europe goes to Russia because the radical terrorism groups are really going up through Europe, they are causing a lot of problems, Europe might reach out to Russia and say, hey help us out here. Russia says, yep we are on the hunt, bam and they swoop in and they can knock out some countries or they could either start regaining their own former USSR, Ukraine, and a couple of others. Or they start wiping out some terrorism countries like Turkey, Syria, Iran, and just consuming those as well. So, a couple different options there.

This beast that is created, we have the bear and we have Europe which is the leopard, the 4 heads, the 4 wings. I remember we added France in there as part of those wings, Germany was part of the wings and then the 4 heads were the 4 Reichs. The leopard was from the leopard tank, Germany. The bear, 3 ribs which could be 3 other countries it is set to devour.

That is a lot of territory that would come together and unite and it is very very possible that this could be that fourth beast in Daniel’s dream. It is a dragon, fierce and ferocious beast that came into being through the alliance of other nations. What nations? Very possibly the United Nations.

Why do I believe that? Well let’s check out Daniel chapter 7 verse 7, ‘First of all, after that in my vision at night I looked before me and there was a fourth beast, terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth, it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different than all the former beasts. It had 10 horns.’

All right, a few points on the verbiage used. Now, however, depending on translation, your verbiage could be a little different. In addition, the original text in the original language it was written, we could have lost some type of meaning in translation, however, it is very very similar to what it was. So let’s kind of dissect these words and see how this can relate.

We have a few things. It crushed and devoured its victims. Those are very specific terms. Trampled underfoot whatever was left. Those are specific so let’s look at it. We have the bear was told ‘get up and eat your fill of flesh’. That seems like if it is told ‘get up and eat your fill of flesh’ it is eating, if it is vicious and powerful and this fourth beast says it devoured its victims, devouring is a very specific term to use.

Usually, when someone says you devoured something, it usually means you ate it, you consumed it, it went down the hatch and it is gone. So if this bear is out there eating its fill of flesh and this fourth beast is devouring, like I said it is very possible that this fourth beast is a combination of these countries. Russia could be a likely contender.

Then it crushed its victims as well. What crushes things? Well if we take a look at Germany and how they had that leopard tank that crushed all kinds of stuff, tanks just roll over everything and crush them, trample underfoot whatever was left. I mean that is very loose connections and obviously, it is just some inferences we have drawn. If you want to weigh in on that feel free to in the comments below, but it is not something that we are going to really dive into in that area.

Let’s continue on with the fourth beast. Let’s jump over to Daniel chapter 7 verse 23, this is the interpretation part of the dream and it is about the explanation. ‘He gave me this explanation. The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth.’

We know it is a fourth kingdom that will appear, which means it is not something that was around at the time of Daniel or from Nebuchadnezzar’s. That is how we pointed out part of it, that it can’t represent a nation that was in the past, it is a kingdom that will appear on the earth.

Now could it be a kingdom of today that is already here? Yes, but it is very likely that it is one that will appear after these others so it is very possible that this new kingdom, although it is here in existence today, it hasn’t quite been established yet. Almost like how Germany was there as East and West and then it got united as one Germany or these United Nations now that we have.

Let’s continue on. ‘It will be different from all other kingdoms and it will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it.’ Again those are some very specific terms that go with this. We have one more verse that I want to get into here about the ten horns. This could be related to the United Nations as you say this country will be a country that will come through an alliance of other nations, comes together, and starts crushing and devouring.

‘This fourth beast had ten horns. The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom.’ This new kingdom has 10 rulers with it or 10 leaders that will be a part of this kingdom. Now this kingdom could already be here like we said. It could be the United Nations. ‘However, after them, another king will rise different from the earlier ones. He will subdue 3 of the kings and then he will speak against the Most High.’

This is that horn. When we get to Revelation when it said it had ten horns and then one horn rose up and uprooted 3 of those horns, it is very very similar to Daniel’s dream. Let’s go to Revelation 13:1, ‘It had 10 horns and 7 heads, 10 crowns on its heads.’ That is very similar to Daniel with the 10 horns. ‘On each head was a blasphemous name.’ Then we get into the description of the beast and then the head with the fatal wound etc and how this beast in Revelation is very very similar to that beast in Daniel chapter 7.

Currently, in today’s world, we have radical Islamic terrorists and they are constantly attacking Europe. These are people who are claiming that their religion is allowing them to do this, but we know that any religion, especially one of Islam that is under peace, it is the word Islam, Muslim is specifically derived from peace.

Why would they be going out and killing and slaughtering people? It is a false doctrine. These people who are in the radical area, it isn’t something that derived from that religion, it can’t be true, they have twisted it and it has become something else. Unfortunately, they give the rest of the people a bad reputation and a false perception perhaps.

Anyway, these terrorist groups are attacking Europe. They are really causing some problems and it won’t be long before Europe turns to Russia and says we need some help. Why would they go to Russia? Why wouldn’t they come to the US? Well because the United States is already involved in this war on terror. They have been involved since 2001.

It has been a long time here and things are getting better, yes, but eventually Europe is going to say enough is enough, we need more power, Russia help us out. It is very possible that these terrorist groups are going to start working their way toward Russia and Russia is going to say, hey enough is enough, let’s take care of this.

So Europe is going to be forced to choose between the lesser of 2 evils being, deal with terrorism or go to Russia and the choice is likely going to be Russia. Russia will help them push back those terrorists. They may conquer Ukraine and 2 other nations before doing that.

Maybe Russia will already be on the hunt conquering some nations because they are sick of terrorism and then Europe might say, wait a minute Russia is starting to advance toward us, we better ally with them before they take us over. Or they could go to Russia first and then Russia will say, yep we are going to help and that could be them starting taking out those countries.

Or it could also be since it is terrorism-centered, could very well be that Russia is either going to step in and wipe out like Iran, Turkey, and Syria or a few other nations, and then Europe will go to them. Or Europe goes to them and says, hey we need help and Russia says, all right let’s knock out the first 3, and bam that could be the start of those 3 ribs.

We don’t exactly know in what order it will happen. However the common denominator among all of this is that Europe is going to need some help, Russia is going to be there and they will ally and start knocking out these radical militant groups.

This reign of socialism because they are going to be united. Europe is going to have to choose like I said between those lesser of 2 evils. They are going to choose between having havoc wreaked upon them from terrorism or they are going to have to choose to unite with Russia and potentially give in to that socialism and they will choose that lesser of the 2 evils. They will say, well it is better to be alive and allied with Russia than to continue to be killed.

So this reign of socialism or this new reign together will carry on for about 4 years. Now how do we know this? Go to Revelation 13:5 where we hear of this new beast, remember this beast with 10 horns, this beast with 7 heads, ten crowns on its heads.

According to Daniel chapter 7 remember the ten horns will be ten kings so this is very closely related. These ten kings, very possibly the United Nations. In addition, it said the beast resembled a leopard and it also had feet like those of a bear, so that could be the leopard Germany, the bear Russia, that is how we know that these nations are going to unite because in this other vision, the beast united.

In addition, it had a mouth like that of a lion so it is very possible that even the United Kingdom and Great Britain will join into this new nation which is why we say it is possibly the United Nations because the United Nations is kind of part of that United Kingdom area. The dragon gave the beast its power. It is that new nation.

How do we know it will carry on for 4 years? Let’s jump ahead, ‘The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies, to exercise his authority for 42 months.’ 42 months, that is why we say this is almost 4 years that this new beast, this reign of terror, this reign of socialism wiping out terror, will last for about 4 years.

A couple other points that I want to go. If you have read chapter 13 in Revelation verse 4 says, ‘Men worship the dragon,’ which is that new beast, ‘Because he had given authority to the beast and they worshiped the beast and asked who is like this beast? Who can make war against him?’

We are going to talk a little bit more about that next week, but I want to lead into that, saying this is going to be a very very powerful alliance. Think about this, if Russia allies with Germany and France, the European Union and Russia come together that is a huge territory. Then if we add the lion’s mouth in there and that is Great Britain, the United Kingdom starts throwing in with this, this is like all of Europe and pretty much half of Asia, so it is like the whole top of Europe and Asia that will be united as one big beast, one nation.

These United Nations, ten kings, ten rulers will lead this big nation and then eventually one king will subdue 3 of the other kings and take over and so that is when we will start to see this fourth beast rising and things changing, and then that will mark east against west because the United States, I mean if Russia put a tweet on Twitter and said we just added 10 more nuclear missiles the United States is going to go after them.

The nations are so tense. Look at history, cold war, all these other wars that have happened, nuclear war scares, that they are both sitting on the button waiting to push Russia and the US going to kill each other all the time. They are always at odds and it is very very tense so just imagine what will happen when Russia allies with France and Germany and possibly even Great Britain. This becomes one big country over there, one big nation, separate countries but one big alliance, and then it lasts for 4 years.

The United States is not going to stand for that. I mean the 4 years that it will last it will be very possible that we would have some type of political issue in the United States to not step in for 4 years. Maybe the president gets removed from office and the military takes control, maybe we get a president in there that is a sleeper president that really just doesn’t do anything. Something will happen and then eventually something else takes over and the United States is going to say, we cannot let this stand. We got to get in.

East against West and then the beginning of the end and finally the end. So stay tuned. Tune in next week as we talk about the fourth beast and what this beast is and how incredible it can be and what it is going to do. Stay tuned next week.

Let’s pray. Lord, thank you so much for these great messages that we are learning and understanding and for the scripture that you have given us so that we can watch for these signs to happen and be aware of what is going on and the fascination that you give us with this.

I ask that each and every person out there would continue to learn and understand and interpret the Scripture. That you would bless them with your spirit so that they would be able to have eyes to see and ears to hear. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Again if you have any questions or comments put them below. I encourage you to engage in the discussion as well on Facebook and on YouTube. Remember please be polite and respectful and then feel free to add in your thoughts, your opinions, and your research and tune in next week as we continue this sermon series. God bless.