We all face battles in life, whether it is a physical or spiritual struggle or a mental and emotional challenge. You can only do so much to fight your own battles. Fortunately, you have a powerful ally on your side. God. He is far more capable and powerful than you could ever be, and you should not hesitate to allow Him to fight for you.

When you let God fight your battles, He takes away the burden from you and delivers victory. He has fought for His children since the dawn of time and continues to do so today. When you put your trust in Him, He will never fail you. No matter what situation you are facing, God is far more equipped to handle it than you are.

Letting God fight your battles allows Him to take control of the situation and bring about a successful outcome that may not have been possible if you attempted to tackle it yourself. He is always listening and can provide insight that you may have not seen before. Furthermore, His power far surpasses our understanding. When God fights for you, no enemy can stand against you.

The next time you face a battle, take a step back and allow God to fight for you instead of trying to bravely go forth on your own. His strength will give you courage and renewed hope that the outcome will be in your favor. With God fighting by your side, there is no way that you cannot triumph over whatever difficulty lies ahead of you!

Referenced Verses:
Luke 4:6
Matthew 10:1
1 Peter 5:7
Exodus 14:14
Nahum 1:7


Video Transcript

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Today we are talking about a message, sometimes in your life where there are a lot of battles going on, you are struggling with things, you feel like it may be overpowering and you don’t know what to do, you are working hard to try to plan and get through everything and it is just so stressful and it seems like no matter what happens, more and more is going wrong. This is breaking, this isn’t working, now you need a new one of these and so it is just being difficult and it is all just so overwhelming.

Let God fight for you. That is the point. We could end it right now if you would understand everything that I am about to tell you if you get it, but you may not and that is what we are going for. Let God fight for you.

Here on earth, there are so many things that you can struggle with, family, relationships, work, morals, ethics, what should you do right or wrong, stress, everything else, it is so much. We live in an imperfect world. In fact, we live in a world but we are not from this world, if you are a Christian and you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, then you are from a different world.

If you are an unbeliever, a non-Christian, you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, then I am so excited you are watching this because you live in this world, this world could be overwhelming, it can overtake you, it is always too much. You can believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can make that decision and you can be a part of another world. If that is something that you are thinking about or that is in your heart, reach out to us, reach out to someone, and find out more about what that means.

This world is imperfect. Why? Well, it used to be perfect in the Garden of Eden. But humans, we used to rule this world and we gave that up when we had the original sin, the fall of man. Satan took it over, all of this. Because of all of this, we need help, we need help.

Now there is a verse that proves satan did take over this world and that we gave it up to him and we find this out when Jesus was tempted. After He became baptized and the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove and He began His ministry, He was tempted by Satan. He went out into the desert for 40 days and didn’t eat anything so He was obviously hungry, He was fasting and satan came and tempted Him.

We find this in Luke chapter 4 verse 6, so if you have your Bible turn there with me. If you don’t have your Bible come back later. Verses will all be referenced in the description below. The temptation of Jesus, Luke chapter 4 verse 6, ‘And satan said to him, I will give you all the authority and splendor, for it has been given to me and I can give it to anyone I want to.’ Continuing on it says, ‘So if you worship me it will all be yours. Jesus answered, worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’

I can’t leave that part out because you may be tempted, you may say whoa I can have the whole world, I can rule the world if I worship him and he could give it to me. No, worship the Lord your God and serve Him only. The point we are making here is that satan says it has been given to me and I can give it to anyone I want to. It was given to him, he has all of this, he has the whole world, he has the authority and the splendor of everything here. Satan rules this world, make no mistake, satan rules this world.

If you are a Christian you are from another world, you have transferred over, we are not of this world, we are of a different world. Now this world is so overwhelming, we can fight battles every single day and we will lose. Why? We don’t have the power. Yes, we may be Christians. We may have Jesus Christ in us, but we don’t have the authority here on earth to be operating and commanding in a world that is not our own.

Jesus has that authority, so yes we can do things in Jesus’ name and make things better. There are prophets, there are people who can speak in tongues. There are people who can cast out demons in Jesus’ name even today. You may read this in the New Testament, Jesus’ ministry was central to driving out demons. In fact, it was so central and integral that He gave that authority to His disciples who could then travel out and send demons out of people.

There are many many instances throughout the New Testament where Jesus was driving out demons and casting them out and healing the sick and getting rid of them. That is this world, satan controls it, he and his demons are running rampant through here taking hold of anywhere they can, trying to get a foothold in your life, trying to overwhelm you and pull you under.

You can’t beat them alone, you need the Holy Spirit exactly like the disciples needed the Holy Spirit to drive out the demons and to get rid of them. Let’s go to Matthew 10:1, ‘He called his 12 disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every sickness and disease.’ Jesus gave that to them, He could give it to you.

What is there to think that? Oh, this is just history, history changes. This world has not changed, look around you, there is evil everywhere exactly like in the time of Jesus. When people all over the place were possessed by demons and being ran by demons and they had footholds of everybody and you had people who were crazy out of their minds living in the tombs and people who were super strong and broke chains and all of this, they weren’t superhuman, this was demon activity going on in this world and Jesus came and got rid of it.

He didn’t get rid of it for good because it is not time yet. A lot of these demons in the New Testament said, have you come to torture us before the appointed time? What is the appointed time? That is when the end of the age comes when they are all sentenced to the lake of fire and trapped in hell forever. Right now they are running around here making this world hell for us, but we can overpower them if we have the Holy Spirit with us.

Now you may not have been given the authority to cast them out and to heal sicknesses and diseases like the disciples were, but you can still. You have more power than the demons do because you have Christ within you. They will look at you and flee.

Let’s go to 1 Peter 5:7, ‘Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.’ So yes this world is overwhelming, this world is overpowering, cast it on God He cares for you. He will fight your battles. The point here is we live in a world that is not our own, you are going to have problems, there are going to be troubles, you are going to see evil people are going to do things that you just don’t understand and you say, why do they do this, what possesses them to behave in a certain way? What is the answer?

They are not children of the light, they are children of darkness. They are not children of God, they are children of the devil. How do they become children of God? Trust in Jesus, you can bring them from darkness into light. You have that power. Pretty cool power. Share Jesus with them. Allow them to make the choice. Come into the light. Pretty excellent.

Now what about your life? You say I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus, He died for me, He is my Lord and Savior, I am a child of the light. Let your light shine and you say, I know I am still having problems, this world is tough.

This just broke, my car broke down, my house flooded, my whatever isn’t working, this doesn’t work, I got denied my promotion, I just lost my Job, whatever things are happening to you. Well, that happened to Christ? You are gonna go through trouble. What can you do?

Let’s go to Exodus 14:14, a very very popular and famous verse, ‘The LORD will fight for you, you need only to be still.’ What does that mean? All right, I will just be still. Well, my house is crumbling around me and I am starting to fall into poverty and things are stacking up and nothing is going right. I am being still, waiting.

No, be still as in trust God, give it to God. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. He cares for you. Pray. Talk to God, trust Him. Listen to Him. Do what He wants you to do. Follow. Stop trying to change other things.

There is a cool saying, I really love it. It says if you can’t change your world, change your world. Okay for those of you that don’t know what that means, or if you can’t change the people in your world, change the people in your world. Again some of you out there are scratching your heads. For those of you that get it it is pretty powerful. If you are scratching your head don’t worry, I will bring you full circle. For those of you that get it, smile with me, this is great.

Stop trying to change other things, be still. Stop trying to change other people, work on changing yourself. If you can’t change the people in your world, change the people in your world. I am trying to change them. They are just not listening. They are not cooperating with me, change the people in your world. Don’t change that person, get a different person. You say okay, well I can’t get a new kid, I can’t get a new parent. All right, work on changing yourself. Allow God to change the person.

If you can’t change the people in your world, change the people in your world. What does that mean? Well if you have people in your life that are negative and bringing you down and that aren’t following God, then you need to get new people in your life who are following God. Don’t change those people, change the people in your world, go to different people.

Now you should still be the light if you can to those people, and you can always be the light, they just may not want to see it. Stop trying to change them, let God change them. Maybe He is not going to use you to change them. He may say hey move on, enough with these people, go somewhere else, we have tried hard enough.

He may not use you to finally bring them to the light, but you planted the seed, move on, get new people in your world, and if you can’t change your world, change your world. As in go from here to there, do something else. You are not going to change a person, you are not going to change a situation, that is what you need to realize and accept it is God.

That will change people, you cannot change someone’s heart. The hearts of humankind, the hearts of man are stubborn and hardened, men, women, children, all of us, stubborn, hardened, evil, you cannot change them. You need to have God change them. So what do you need to do, be still, allow God to fight your battles for you.

If there is something going on in your life with someone, pray to God. Give it to Him. Get out of your own way. Stop letting fear, negativity, self-righteousness, whatever it is, pride, get in your way. Stop. Give it to God. Allow Him to fight for you. Be still. Cast your anxiety on Him. He cares for you.

He has the power to change that individual. You can show them the light, you can show them the truth. It is God that will ultimately change them. Accept that your life will be a lot easier, focus on you. You can change. You be more like God.

How do you learn to be more like God? Fellowship with other Christians. Read the Bible, go to church, watch more of these sermons, get in discussion. Leave some comments below. Learn more. Meditate on the scriptures day and night. Focus on changing yourself. Work on being more tolerant of others.

Though someone says, hey I am a murderer and you need to accept me. I will accept you, but what you are doing is not right. Someone comes to you and says I am sexually immoral, you need to accept it. That is wrong, I will accept you. I will show you the light, you may not be able to change them but you are gonna show them the truth and the light. You don’t need to accept what they are doing that is wrong. There is a distinction there.

Don’t move the line. God drew the line. As you start accepting and accepting, you may be moving the line. Now you are getting off the deep end, off the cliff, that is not really a line you can move. It is a cliff, you are gonna fall. You fall where? Into sin. Don’t do it. Don’t move the line, don’t compromise, you know where the truth is. True false, true false, it is not okay. We can make the line like this now. No, the line is like this. It is straight, don’t bend the line, it is not curved.

Okay, we can be tolerant of this. No, it is wrong whatever it is. Okay, we can abort babies. It is killing them. It is done, it is a fine line. Oh okay, you can be a sexual predator up to this amount. No, it is wrong. Oh okay, you can be sexually immoral here. You can as long as you only have two wives or two husbands, sexual partners, it is fine but when you get to three it is a no-no. It is wrong.

As long as you engage in stealing only on this time or as long as you steal things under this value. It is okay. No, it is not. You see the point I am making, as long as you cross-dress only on the weekends it is fine. No, it is not.

There is a line. We don’t move the line, we don’t bend the line. The line is not set up by me. It is not set up by you. It is set up by God. The lines are all clearly defined. Right here we can’t be moving them. Follow the rules God gave us. That is what we are to do. We can show people a light but we can’t change them. It is our jobs to be more like Christ by following these laws and rules that Jesus gave us by doing that, by living that way.

You can focus on making yourself more like God which then makes your light shine brighter and allows other people to see it and say, why is this person like this, how do I become like that? Then you can show them the light and whether or not they choose to accept it at that point in time, is not up to you.

God will fight for you. Allow God to fight for you, let Him help you. You focus on you and you focus on God. Let Him change the people in your world. Let Him fight for you, be still. It can be tough, it can be tough.

Let’s go to one more verse. Nahum 1:1, so turn there with me. ‘An oracle concerning Nineveh. The Book of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite. Verse 7, here we go, ‘The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.’

This was about Nineveh. If you don’t know the story of Nineveh, they were a very evil town engaging in all kinds of bad things, sexual immorality, men with men, women with women, prostitution, children. They were also thieving, taking from people, lending and borrowing, extorting others, all kinds of terrible things were happening in this city. There is this prophecy, repent, turn to God, or be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah. ‘The LORD is good and a refuge in times of trouble.’

For those people who are living in Nineveh or people who traveled through, ‘The LORD is your refuge, he cares for those who trust in him.’ The point is; trust in God. Let Him fight for you. He cares for you. Remember cast all your anxiety on Him, He cares for you. If you trust in God, let Him fight for you. Be still, He will deliver you through whatever darkness you are in, whatever demons are around you, you can even pray and ask for the Holy Spirit, He may give it to you.

He may give you the authority to command those demons in His name, they are still around, they are still here everywhere. Know it. Trust in God to help you through it. Allow Him to change those around you. Don’t try to change them, try to change yourself. That is all you can do and just always, always trust.

Let’s pray. Lord Jesus thank you so much for this time together. I thank you for each and every person out there watching and listening, please bless them. Work on them. Allow their hearts and their minds to change. Let their lights shine brighter and Lord give them the wisdom to recognize when others around them are not in the light and give them the restraint to not try to control them or change them.

Give them the wisdom to allow you to change them and give them the knowledge to pray and the discernment on what to pray for so that you can come in and fight that battle for them, lead them through it victoriously, allow them to see the change and allow them to see what you are doing in other people around them and in themselves.

Lord, I ask that they would become more and more like you each and every day and that you would see them through the darkness. That their light would be so bright that they would be shining for miles. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Once again I want to thank you for your time today. Please share this with others. Please be that bright light. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. Also, hit the subscribe button and the like button, that would really help us out. We can’t change you and make you do that, so we are praying that you would share this with others and that they would see the light through your light. God bless.