As you learned last week, the Bible says that anyone who does not provide for their family has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. You have denied that God has the ability to provide for you and your household. Keep the faith!

Trust that God will provide so much that you are able to leave an excellent inheritance for not only your children but your grandchildren as well. God will bless you. Follow His plan for your wealth and use it to leave a great inheritance.

Think about the legacy you want to leave behind. Do you want your children and grandchildren to struggle financially or do you want them to have a solid foundation for their future? By following God’s plan, not only will you be able to provide for your family, but also make a positive impact on others.

Imagine being able to give generously towards causes that are close to your heart. Imagine being able to help those in need without worrying about how it will affect your finances. This is possible when we trust in God’s provision and use our wealth wisely.

Don’t let fear hold you back from leaving an excellent inheritance for generations after us. Take action today by seeking guidance from God and making intentional decisions with your finances. Trust that He will bless all of our efforts as we strive toward financial freedom and generosity.

Remember, it’s not only about accumulating wealth – it’s what we do with it that truly matters in the end. Let us honor God through wise stewardship of our resources so that His blessings may overflow onto others around us!

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