June has been an uplifting month that has reminded us that what we do matters. God has been revealing the fruits of our labors and it is marvelous!

Our monthly accomplishments:
– Continued Posting 1 Sermon Each Week
– Continued Posting 1 Podcast Each Week
– Continued the Ministry Minute on Social Media
– Continued the Ministry Minute Podcast
– Continued Q&A Interviews
– Had Our Quarterly Board Meeting
– Saw Fruit in Africa, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, & Tanzania

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the June 2023 Social Media Ministries monthly update and status report. June has been an exciting month for us. We have maintained, I know I say this every month, but that is very important because we are continuing our mission and that is to bring the gospel to the entire world. You can check out our full mission on our website and on the about us video series that we completed a while back.

But in June what did we do? We have continued posting our sermons every week going out on YouTube, on our blog, etc. We have also continued the podcast each week. Those are going out. We continue the ministry minute which is a daily video on a verse and a 60-second devotional, so be sure that if you are not already getting that on your feeds on Instagram or your favorite podcast platform, wherever it might be, you can ask Alexa for it, any of that kind of stuff. Get that, get your 60 seconds in from Social Media Ministries, your ministry minute every single day.

We have also continued doing interviews which is an awesome thing that we have added a while back. We have done some more interviews and we are continuing to post them each and every week, specifically on questions that people may have for religious leaders, pastors, or religious figures in the Christian space. That is pretty awesome.

We are reaching a lot of people. That has really been the biggest thing that has happened in June. We have started to see some results. We are reaching people in Africa where we have had someone reach out to us, said they saw our content, they are interested in knowing more. They want to become a Christian. They want to follow Jesus, so guess what we led them to Christ through Instagram messaging. Amen. Praise God for that.

We are reaching people, then later on we continue communicating with this person and this person led orphans to Jesus. I know this is so cool, I am very excited about it and this is why I want more people to stand with Social Media Ministries and get behind us and share our content because guess what, it is working.

We are reaching people. They are coming to know Jesus and they are going out, they are being fruitful and they are multiplying. This one person led about 10 or 12 orphans to the Lord. I got a picture he sent to me, it is really awesome. That is so cool, more people are becoming members of the body of Christ.

Now we are talking about how to baptize people. They are communicating with us. They want to start baptizing and this is a highly Muslim area, it is kind of dangerous to be a Christian. As a matter of fact, pray for them because someone in the group recently got beat up by their father and cast out of their house because they just found out that they are a Christian. Now they are homeless living on the streets sleeping who knows where. I mean this is very serious stuff.

But the point is we are reaching these people. We have also been reaching a lot of people in Vietnam. They are hungry for the Bible, for the Word, so that is awesome. We have had people in India, pastors of small churches like house churches of 10 to 20 people in India reach out to us and say, hey we love your content. We want to use it. Can we use it? Of course, we said yes.

They said, here is the problem, we need it in our language, they do not know English. I need to be able to get it to them. I cannot just watch it and then translate it she said. No problem, we are getting it transcribed. We have got transcriptions on YouTube.

We have volunteers that help us do that and really one volunteer who has been awesome, so thank you if you are watching this. You will be transcribing it later I am sure, but they are being transcribed. These people in India are getting them then translated into their language.

We are doing it for them through YouTube Google Analytics and Google Translate and things like that. We are getting it transcribed into English and then into their language so they can watch it in their little house churches in parts of India.

We are growing the body of Christ there, it is amazing. They are planting more churches. They say now with this content we do not even need to train up pastors so quickly. We can train leaders to watch your content and put it on there and then your content is being used in churches in India. I mean that is kind of a prideful moment, it is not prideful but it is really awesome. I mean it is just something that is like, what we are doing is reaching people. It is mattering, it is helping.

Then well these pastors over there, these leaders become pastors and then start growing their churches. They can then start preaching their own messages but we are enabling them to do this a lot faster so they do not have to wait for people to be trained to do this.

In addition, we are reaching other people. We have had people contact us from Pakistan. There are some people in Pakistan that say, hey we want to use your content. We have people in Tanzania reaching out to us, pastors both in Pakistan and Tanzania saying we are in areas that we do not have a lot of access to this stuff, can we partner with you? Can we use it? So we are communicating with them saying yep, show our content, bring more people to God, use it in any way you can.

This is so exciting. That is pretty much what has been going on in June, a lot of outreach and a lot of fruit is being revealed. What we are doing is working, so we really hope that you can help get behind that. We want to start paying for advertising on Facebook, on Google, on Instagram, and just blasting it out there so that more people will start seeing this content. Even doing targeted ads in some of these countries advertising our sermons. Advertising that we can help, advertising this so that more people will see this and then come to know Jesus

Another thing that we did in June, we had our quarterly board meeting. We do that, again it is quarterly, so every quarter. It was a good board meeting, just basically a recap of everything of all of the monthly videos. I mean we could just have our board meeting and play all the monthly updates and then that could be the meeting, but no we go in a little bit more detail on that.

But that was a good accomplishment to get that done and kind of have our trajectory for the next quarter and know what we are doing and just keep making sure that we are continually on mission. That we are focused on what is the bottom line. The sole purpose is winning souls for Christ. We are saving the world one soul at a time and that is what we need to do. Everything that we do here at Social Media Ministries has to have that goal.

Whether it is making a cup of coffee for someone, what is the end result? Whether it is buying a book that we need to use to make more sermons or to get deeper content, what is the goal? The end result is always bringing more people to the body of Christ.

Not just winning converts, but we are getting converts and training them, keeping them, making sure that we do not just bring them to Jesus and then go away, and then they do not know what to do. We are training them, we are discipling them, we are helping them make sure that they grow in Christ, that they have a relationship with Christ.

We are creating content that helps them do that and thank God that we are reaching the world which is what we want to do. If you want to get behind that, if you want to help us, please share our content, share it on your social media, like it, comment on it positively saying that it is great, add some insight, comment with some Bible verses that go with it.

Just get some interaction on those posts so that the algorithms will start putting them higher and higher in the feeds so more people can see them. That is right now the best way you can help. I mean of course praying for us would be better, but we need action, faith without action is dead. We need your action, so get on our social media, share our stuff, help it reach more people.

If that is not something you can do, if you do not know how to do that then please consider contributing financially so that we can pay to get that content out there even more. We need to reach wider audiences. We have a year of momentum. We are really starting to see fruit, we do not want this fruit to drop and rot, we want to keep going and going even stronger than ever before. So stick with us, continue to watch these updates.

Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for watching all of our content and for being loyal followers of Social Media Ministries while we follow Jesus. Make sure that that is what you are doing, you are not following us, you are following God. We are helping you learn more about God. Thank you and God bless.