June has been a month of sustaining. We have continued to post our sermons, podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, et cetera.

Here is a summary of our accomplishments!
-We continued posting 1 video sermon and 1 podcast each week.
-We have partnered with Tremendous to be able to receive donations.
-We had our quarterly board meeting.

We need your help and support. Please pray that our sermons would reach more people organically. If our posts, videos, et cetera can reach more people organically, then we don’t have to spend as much money on marketing and promotion. We want these sermons to change lives. They were created for others.

We also need some regular financial supporters. As of right now, we haven’t received any money in donations (other than from Spencer Coffman the founder). Pray for generous hearts to be willing to support us with ongoing financial support.

Thank you, and God Bless!


Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. This is our June 2022 monthly update and status report.

What have we done in June? Well, we have continued to post video sermons. We are in the middle of our end times prophecy series, this has been a great series so if you haven’t seen it, tune in. You can get caught up and you can continue watching for about another month until we wrap up this sermon series.

We have also continued posting the podcast, so if you haven’t subscribed to that please do so, even if you watch the videos on YouTube please subscribe to the podcast as well. You don’t have to listen to them twice but it is great to subscribe and get the updates and have the numbers. Then tell other people about this as well.

What have we done? Really the significant accomplishment that we have done in the month of June, is we are now verified with another charitable giving partner called Tremendous. What that is, is people can donate on various apps or through other platforms with the partner Tremendous, and then Tremendous recognizes us as a charity, so someone could choose our charity to donate to which is good.

Otherwise, we haven’t done a lot. We still don’t have any financial partners, we don’t have any prayer partners. But we have a goal of creating something on our website to have people pray for us and they can sign up and then become part of our prayer team and be praying for Social Media Ministries, kind of like we would with a financial partner donating to Social Media Ministries. So look for that coming in the next quarter.

We have had our board meeting this past month in the month of June. We have some goals to get things moving forward. We want to get more ads out there on Google, we want to raise awareness, we have to start raising money so that we can start promoting, we need to reach more people. That is really the goal.

We are continuing preaching sermons, we are continuing posting videos, we are continuing posting podcasts, we have got the social media stuff going, we have got a blog on Medium, we have got things going but we need to get all of that to reach more people after all that is the goal.

The goal wasn’t simply to create content for no one to watch, it is not a personal devotion for me to do all this and then preach it and have no one watch it. The goal is to have that content change lives and that is what we are praying for. That is what we are believing for. So if you could join us in that, pray for us, pray that this content would get out there and reach more people and pray that it would happen organically, that we wouldn’t need to pay to do it because if we don’t have to pay to do it, we don’t need to raise as much money.

Raising money is proving very difficult right now, given this time, this economy, and what is going on in our world. Pray also for generous hearts and minds to be generous in prayer and generous in finances to help us reach more people with this content.

So that is what we have done in the month of June. It has been just a month of plugging forward and maintaining. We are hoping and praying and believing for the next quarter, the next several months, to come back to you with even more great updates.

God bless.