Here is our status update for the month of July 2021. It has been a very busy and productive month! Please share the Social Media Ministries videos and continue supporting us in prayer.

Here are the highlights of this video:

-We’ve continued posting 1 video sermon each week.
-We got a new iPhone 12 Pro Max! YES!
-We are hoping to raise some money start paying our debts.
-We received the EIN for Social Media Ministries.
-We received the certificate of organization for Social Media Ministries.
-Submitted 501(c)(3) non-profit application.
-We wrote Bylaws!
-Selected a board of directors.

Goals for August…

-Hopefully, receive our 501(c)(3) status.
-Vote in the bylaws.
-Elect board member positions.
-Open a bank account.
-Move to new location.

We hope to get some new equipment.

-Some new studio lighting which currently costs about $150
-A portable shotgun microphone, which currently costs about $150

If you feel called to donate we would love to hear from you!

In addition, please help us fulfill our mission by subscribing, liking, and sharing our video sermons.

Thank you!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Social Media Ministries, my name is Spencer Coffman. This is our July 2021 monthly update. If you haven’t seen the June update, check it out in a Card up here, that was our progress as of the month of June, and then some goals for July.

This is the July update, everything we have done in the month of July, it has been a big month. We have quite a few announcements, some progress, and some needs going forward. So what happened in the month of July? Some big things!

We got an iPhone 12 Pro Max, yes! It is financed though, we are paying for it, just like last month when we paid to start the process of becoming a non-profit, that was a big $6,000 chunk, credit card. iPhone 12 Pro Max $1,300, credit card, no big deal, it is financed though with 0% interest on the Pro Max. The other one, $6,000 is gonna have to have credit card interest, so we are hoping for some contributions coming soon to help pay that off.

Anyway, iPhone 12 Pro Max was a huge huge update for us this month, thank you Lord for making that possible! That is wonderful.

Next, we wrote some bylaws because we now have an EIN Number and a Certificate of Organization from the state and federal governments both. We have the Certificate of Organization and the EIN Number, so we are officially incorporated as Social Media Ministries. We are still waiting on the IRS designation for a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, which should come hopefully in August or September. So that is exciting.

The next big thing, so we have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, we got the EIN Number, we have the Certificate of Organization, we also have like I said written the bylaws for the company. So that is awesome, we have bylaws written, we have selected a board of directors.

Now the board meeting is going to be coming up in August, so that will start in August which we will vote on whether or not we accept the bylaws, so hopefully pray for us that all of that goes well, that we will adopt those bylaws without any arguments or changes because I think they are pretty good, hopefully, they are really good. We are going to have the board meeting to elect the president, vice president, all the formal stuff and also decide whether or not we want to open a bank account which of course we do.

We are going to get the bank account opened up in August, we are going to have a board meeting in August, get a bank account, have the bylaws voted in, and then a little tidbit, we are hoping to move to a new location in the month of August, so pray for us there that that is possible, that it will happen because that would be awesome.

Big things coming up in the month of August, big things happened in July, a lot of progress of course. We have also put out some videos every single week, so if you haven’t seen them check them out, share them with your friends, your family, talk about them at home with your friends and family, engage in discussion, and then jump on and put some comments on the videos. That would be great.

Now how can you help us? We have a couple of needs. Now that we have the iPhone 12 Pro Max I need a new microphone. I need to get a microphone that works with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and that works well because I have tried like four other ones and they all sound horrible. Right now it’s the iPhone’s camera, that’s it. If it sounds a little echoey or muffled that’s because it is echoing off the hallway here and that is where I am recording because we don’t have a good location.

Hopefully, in August all of that will change, so I need a new microphone. I have one picked out. It is about $150. I think it is going to be the best one so we are hopefully going to get that in the month of August.

How can you help? You can help by sharing videos, hitting the like button, hitting the subscribe button, clicking the bell icon, doing all of that kind of stuff because that is what the mission of Social Media Ministries is.

Pray about giving financially because once we get the bank account and we get the IRS letter all of the donations are going to be 100% tax deductible, so that will help as well as we are going to start doing some fundraising later on hopefully by the end of the year so that people can give before the year is over to get that tax deduction. So pray that all of that happens and goes well in the meantime.

That is the update for the month of July. That’s everything that has happened in July. A quick recap. We got an iPhone 12 Pro Max for recording, that’s awesome. We have written the bylaws. Selected a board, we haven’t had the meeting to vote on any of that yet. We also have received the Certificate of Organization and the EIN Number, so thank God that all of that has been going so well really. It really is good. Things have just been moving along really well.

We have a big month in August coming up so pray for me, pray for us, that everything would go according to plan, that our goals would be met, and that we can make it happen, to continue spreading the living Word of Christ to as many people as possible through the use of social media.

I really hope that you will consider helping us out by liking, commenting, subscribing, sharing all of that because that will help boost us on YouTube to try to reach more people there and then if your heart so happens to be in the giving place for this ministry and this mission that we are working hard to make a possibility, so thank you guys, so much for giving me your time, thanks for your support and continue to pray for us to make everything possible and make it happen.

All right, that is the month of July update. So we will see you next month with, hopefully, a whole bunch of awesome progress reports. Thank you.

God bless.