January has been a great start to 2023 for Social Media Ministries. We have accomplished a lot and are looking forward to everything that God is going to do this year!

Our monthly accomplishments:
– Continued Posting 1 Sermon Each Week
– Continued Posting 1 Podcast Each Week
– Continued Posting A Daily Verse on Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok
– Continued the Ministry Minute on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube
– Continued the Ministry Minute Podcast
– Received a couple of volunteers through Volunteer Match!
– Began some email marketing with Apollo.io
– Amazon discontinued AmazonSmiles 🙁 You can still support us through our Amazon Registry.
– Walmart sent us $50 worth of items from our Walmart Registry!
– Received some donations from our Facebook & Instagram fundraisers


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Social Media Ministries, my name is Spencer Coffman. This is the January 2023 monthly update and status report, 2023 is starting off to be a pretty good year. We have accomplished quite a bit and we are poised to do a lot more.

A couple of big things, we have received some interest on VolunteerMatch. We have got a few people helping us out now with volunteering. We have got a lot more tasks, and a lot more needs, so if you are interested in volunteering please check that out. VolunteerMatch. You can take a look at the opportunities we have available.

In addition, we have also began an emailing campaign with Apollo, it is a pretty cool Software System online. They are going to check on some different places like LinkedIn and we will find targeted people that might be interested in different groups that we want to contact and we can start reaching out to them. Hopefully, to raise some more interest and awareness for Social Media Ministries, so that has been pretty cool.

A downfall that we have had this month is Amazon Smiles sent us an email. They are discontinuing Amazon Smiles, so comment below on that. Contact Amazon on that, this is a very poor decision by Amazon. Basically what they have said is we no longer want to support so many different charities. We want to hold our money and we want to dictate where it goes. Very very negative side of things.

Although in our aspect of it, they were donating half a percent which is already pretty low, now they have taken it away entirely. It is not like we were getting tons of money from it, but it was nice to have it as an option. That is no more. It is okay. We will move on, we will find other ways to raise money.

You can still purchase items for Social Media Ministries from Amazon. We have a registry similar to a wedding registry or a baby registry or a wish list, something like that. You can still buy items and they will be sent directly to us. We will keep that updated with our needs as time goes on, so you can keep that in mind. But you will no longer be able to contribute via Amazon Smiles.

Another thing, that we have done, is we received a care package from Walmart. Actually, we started a Walmart registry, we got verified as a Walmart non-profit through Walmart Charities. We had an update about that in a previous month, but they sent us $50 worth of stuff off of our registry, so that was pretty cool. Actually, they gave us a gift card to be used toward the items on our registry. You can check out our Walmart registry if you would like to purchase anything for us. Again similar to Amazon it will come directly to Social Media Ministries, you just buy it and it gets shipped to us. We would greatly appreciate that as well.

Another thing we did was we began doing some fundraising on Facebook and Instagram a little bit more so and we have received donations. So that has been really cool. We actually did the fundraisers about a month or two ago and then it takes a month or two to get paid out, so I am happy to report that we have received some support from people on Facebook and Instagram.

If that is you and you are watching this, thanks a lot, thank you so much. Your support really helps continue to grow Social Media Ministries and for the rest of you, we will be doing more fundraisers as time goes on.

We are going to start raising money to boost our sermons and our posts on Facebook and Instagram so we can have a wider reach. If that is something you are interested in, keep an eye out for that fundraiser. We are going to start raising money to boost posts, 100% of the donated money is going to go towards ad spend and boost it out so that all may hear and more people can come to know Jesus. If you want to stand with us in that, we would love to have your support.

As always we have continued posting our weekly sermons, we have done the ministry minute each and every single day which has been a chore but it is great, if you are watching those comment on them, show your support, hit that like button, put some words of encouragement even if it is just typing ‘Amen’ that really helps keep me motivated to continue doing it.

Of course, it is a calling, we are not going to stop, but it is nice when we have that reinforcement. We have also continued posting the podcast and we have done the ministry minute podcast, all of that. For more information on all of the stuff that we have continued doing, you can check that out in the description below.

That has been the January 2023 monthly update and status report for Social Media Ministries. It has been a pretty good month. We have got a lot of goals this year, we have got a lot to do so keep staying tuned to these monthly updates and you can track our progress as we go along.

Of course, if you have any questions please comment below, if you haven’t already, hit the subscribe button. I hope you like this video and also hit that bell icon to stay tuned to future videos. Thank you.

God Bless.