Here is our January 2022 monthly status update and progress report! January has been a very productive month for us. Please continue to pray for increased brand awareness and recognition so that we can reach more people.

Here is a summary of our accomplishments!
-Continued posting 1 sermon each week
-Created a PayPal account to accept donations
-Created a Stripe account to accept donations
-Created a Pinterest account
-Created a TikTok account
-Set up on PayPal giving fund to receive no-fee donations
-Affiliated with eBay for charity
-Affiliated with GoFundMe
-Affiliated with NextDoor Sell for Good
-Affiliated with Tiltify for donations and fundraising
-Completed our GuideStar profile
-Received a credit card & ordered checks
-Submitted apps on Good Coin, Sweat4Good, and Facebook Charity

Hopefully, next month we will receive our approved applications from Good Coin, Sweat4Good, and Facebook Charity. In addition, we hope to become affiliated with Amazon Smiles to be able to receive donations there as well. We also plan on starting a brand awareness email campaign to help bring more viewers to our sermons and followers on social media.

If you would like to donate on PayPal here is the link:

Add us to your favorite charity list on eBay:

Create a GoFundMe fundraiser for us:

Create a Tiltify fundraiser for us:


Video Transcript

Hey guys, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. This is our January 2022 monthly update and progress report so thanks for tuning in.

We have had a huge month in January as far as accomplishing all kinds of stuff. As you know from our previous monthly update, which you can check out in a Card up here, we have past updates in this playlist so you can see our progress from when we have started.

Last month, so in December, we finally got our approval for the 501(c)(3), of course, that was backdated to the date of our application back in June of 2021, but now that we had that this month we have been able to really make some great progress.

We have several big accounts to help us start fundraising and get money, most notably we now have an account on PayPal and Stripe so we can accept donations through Paypal and Stripe which is huge. We also have something called an account on the PayPal Giving Fund, so that is basically for non-profits and it allows us to have a link which will be in the description below that you can click on and then type in any dollar amount and donate to us with a credit card, your PayPal account, whatever and then we will get 100% of those funds.

PayPal won’t take any fees for doing that, so if you want to support us financially that would be a great way to do it, to make sure that we are receiving all of the money that you are giving. PayPal Giving Fund which is a part of PayPal Charity, they will send you a receipt right away, they handle everything, they will send you a receipt and then they hold the money for like sometimes up to 30 days, and then they send it to us. So I suppose that is how they make their money, they probably get interest on it for those 30 days and then send it to us. But either way, it is no fees and it is a great way to donate.

In addition, we have also created a couple more social media accounts this month, we now have an account on Pinterest and on TikTok, so feel free to follow us on those platforms, that would be really great to see our numbers grow there and also to have some interaction on those posts.

A few other notable items that we have done, we now have a credit card and we have ordered checks so we can hopefully start putting our bills on this credit card. Hopefully, we will start receiving some donations and then I have a checking account so we can now start operating like a real true business nonprofit entity.

Like I mentioned we are now on the PayPal Giving Fund which also through that we have been able to become affiliated with a few different places, eBay is one of them. So if you have an eBay account and you sell anything, please consider donating a percentage of the sale to Social Media Ministries. In addition favorite us as one of your favorite charities, if you can do that even if you don’t sell anything on eBay but you have an eBay account, please consider adding us to your list of favorite charities, that would be really cool.

We have an affiliation with GoFundMe. You no doubt have heard of them, they are a fundraising platform and our affiliation with GoFundMe is more than us simply having an account to try to raise money, we are affiliated with them as a charity which means that you can create a GoFundMe fundraiser and share it out on your social media or wherever and you can have the proceeds of that fundraiser go directly to us as a charity.

So you can create a fundraiser for our charity, specifically for Social Media Ministries, that is something that is huge and it is a great affiliation. Now we just need some people to be bold enough to create a fundraiser for us and share it with other people, so if that is you, that would be awesome.

In addition, we are also affiliated with the app Nextdoor which is a popular neighborhood app or a community app and we are with something called Nextdoor Sell For Good. You can sell your old and unused and unwanted items and then through Nextdoor, you can donate a portion of that sale to Social Media Ministries. So if you are on the Nextdoor app feel free to type us in Find Us on Nextdoor.

As well a few other notable things, we also have an account with a platform called Tiltify which is another charitable giving place. They have two sections of Tiltify. Number one is just a page for us, for our non-profit and people can give donations through their, kind of like PayPal Giving. Then the other side of it is you can create a fundraiser through Tiltify, kind of like GoFundMe, and then share that out and raise money through Tiltify from donations on your social media or wherever else. That is really cool. Like I said we have got a lot going on this month.

We are almost done, but it has been a big month and we hope that it will be a big month next month as well. Continuing on we have a profile on a website called GuideStar which is basically a place where people can go and look up non-profits to verify that they are non-profits. We have completed our GuideStar profile, which is a pretty good accomplishment for us.

Then what are we waiting on, well we have submitted applications to become affiliated with a non-profit charitable company that helps raise funds called GoodCoin, so that will hopefully get us approved there, and then from there we can start becoming affiliated with other companies most notably Target and their Target Circle app. We could maybe become featured.

There is another one called Sweat4Good, like sweat as in workout. There is a really cool app called Sweatcoin, you can check it out in the link in the description below and basically, you put that app on your phone and then it tracks your steps, kind of like a health app and then it gives you a Sweatcoin for all the steps you take. Then what you can do with that Sweatcoin is if we become approved on there you could take those coins and donate them to Social Media Ministries through Sweat4Good.

I don’t even know, it probably has no value, but based on coins then we could maybe get some type of a donation if we get enough coins, then Sweat4Good makes a donation to Social Media Ministries. So that would be really cool if we can get approved for that, hopefully, next month.

In addition, we have been working for the past couple of months to try to get approved as a charity on Facebook, however, Facebook has been notoriously difficult toward us and resistant toward us for some reason. Way back in the beginning, a year ago, that is when I personally lost my Facebook account. I didn’t lose it but Facebook banned me, that was when I started Social Media Ministries and started posting. They shut down my Facebook account and deleted all my Facebook pages and everything so we are fortunate enough that we have a Facebook page now.

We are trying to get back into Facebook and are really trying to become a verified charity through Facebook. Hopefully, we cannot be abolished and taken off that platform permanently, so it would really help us if you would like and follow our Facebook page so we could get some interaction on there so that Facebook sees that we are legitimate and that people like the content we are producing so that they won’t knock us off their platform again.

We are waiting on those things.

A few goals for February, one of the big goals that we have is to start fundraising. We are hopefully going to start some email campaigns and contact some local churches and churches around the US, just alerting them. A brand awareness campaign is really what it is going to be. We want to have brand awareness so that we tell people that we are out there and then if they want to start following us on social media or even donate to help support our cause, that is going to be the goal there.

Then also we want to try to get those applications approved and in addition, start a new application to get on Amazon so that we can receive donations if you make Amazon purchases. Stay tuned for that.

We also want to get some T-shirts or some type of sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts, some clothing apparel with our logo on it. I think that would be really great. We are going to sell them at cost. We are not going to try to make any money on apparel sales. The goal of that will simply be brand awareness, so whatever it costs to produce, that is what they will be sold at. We are looking into doing that in February as well.

What can you do for us? Please continue to pray for us that the sermons that we produce would be watched and that they would change people’s lives and that also we would have enough people coming into the social media platforms. We need more interaction, we need more followers, we need more growth in that regard.

In addition, we have a lot of pending applications out there, so pray that those get approved quickly and easily and, of course, we always need financial help. We have got a lot of things to pay for and we want to start promoting and marketing, so we need the budget for that. If that is something you feel called to do then that would be great.

As well again all of the links and all of the summary of everything that has happened this month will be in the description below so feel free to read it. Also please subscribe to the channel. If you are viewing this somewhere and you are not subscribed or you are not following us on our social media accounts please follow us on all of them, even if you never really check-in, the numbers help.

But it would really be cool if you could go through and like our posts just to help show that we are promoting content on these platforms and it is really cool for us to see that interaction and engagement as well. As long as it is genuine and true, we don’t want bots or something doing it for us. We want to really truly be reaching people and changing lives, so if that is something you want to help us with there are a lot of different ways you can do that and all of them we really really appreciate.

Thanks so much. We hope you enjoyed this monthly update. Stay tuned. Remember to check out our sermons and our playlists for other monthly updates. I hope you have a really great month and we will see you again next month on our next monthly update. Hopefully, I will have a whole bunch more stuff like this to report.

God bless.