We finally got the new iPhone 12 Pro Max! Now we will be able to put out some really great high-quality content. Of course, it also means that we will have to learn how to properly record the footage on such a high-tech device. Not to mention all of the new editing techniques that come with it.

Please continue to pray for us to be able to learn how to use the new camera and that everything works very well. Pray that the learning curve is short and that the technology works properly. Also that the editing programs and computer we currently have will be able to support the new video files.

Thank you, guys, so much for all of your help and support!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Social Media Ministries, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you guys for tuning in to this awesome update, we have some great great news.

This is the last time you will be seeing this background in the recording studio. Why? Because we have received a new location to record. So this is some awesome news. I am very excited to share with you that this is the last time you will be seeing this. It is also very exciting to me because the wall behind me that I have been recording on is my bedroom wall.

So it will be great to have a solid recording studio without the noise of neighbors nearby, lawnmowers, dogs barking, all of this stuff. It is going to be in a little bit more private area and it is also going to be below ground which will be awesome because it will be quieter and then we can get some better lighting and different things like that.

Right now you can see there is a shadow behind me, there is a lot of stuff that has to be done in this location to make it work, you can see there is the doorway out of the bedroom, here is another little wall, and then the closet, my dresser is behind me and then you can see here is the podium which is right in front, so that is how that is.

We will spin around here and we are not going to show you the closet or anything, but I’ll flip the camera for you and you can see there is the podium and there is the dresser, it’s literally about two feet of space. There is our background wall.

So it is really going to be nice to have a much better recording studio that we can go to without having to deal with setting up and tearing down every time, it can just be set up and ready to go.

So thank you, guys, so much for all of your support, for making it possible, for everything you’re doing with all the likes, comments, shares, everything like that. Please continue to do that. Share some of the sermons because those are videos that really matter and that have the power to change people’s lives. This is more of an update, it’s for fun, it’s something that I wanted to share with you guys, it’s more of a ‘Praise God that we are moving to a good new location’.

I want to hear your comments below just saying like ‘Praise the Lord and thank you and that it is happening’ and words of encouragement, stuff like that. Because it really is exciting and I hope you look forward to seeing the new space.

I will do another update video showing you the new space once we have it set up because I am going to need some new lighting and maybe some ambiance lights, colors in the background, we have got all kinds of great ideas, green screen possibly, and also maybe a better microphone because right now it does not work very well. I am not even using a microphone because it sounds fuzzy in the background and all kinds of stuff like that. Before we keep dropping the camera or doing anything like that, I am just so excited for this.

Thank you guys for your support. If you want to contribute financially and support us you can, we have got a non-profit status IRS letter hopefully on the way. Comment below. We will have links soon where you can start donating regularly or one time, whatever works for you.

Thanks again for all your support. Please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t, hit the like button on the videos, watch them, share them, talk about them with others, and always feel free to post any comments you may have.

Take care. God bless.