You need to forgive to be forgiven. Wait a minute, last week we talked about how God has already forgiven you. Now, you need to forgive in order to be forgiven. That sounds contradictory. Can they both be true?

Yes, God has forgiven you. Jesus paid the price for your sins. You need to be willing to receive it. Forgiveness is there for you as long as you are willing to ask God to forgive you. You’ve already been forgiven in the fact that Jesus has already died for you. But you need to take action and allow that forgiveness to cleanse you from your sins.

In addition, you need to forgive others as Christ forgave you. You need to forgive to be forgiven. Of course, it isn’t up to you to forgive the sin. It is up to you to forgive the sinner. You must let it go. When someone wrongs you, you need to have the mentality that Jesus has. That you have already forgiven them.

You need to forgive them immediately and be eagerly waiting for them to come and ask you for the forgiveness that you have already set aside for them. You’ve reserved forgiveness for them and you are so excited for them to come and get it. When they ask for it, you’ll give it to them with great joy. Exactly like how when one sinner accepts Jesus the angels in heaven sing and rejoice.

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