February 2022 has been a great month for Social Media Ministries. We are finally solidifying new partnerships and getting established online. We appreciate your continued support and need your help sharing our videos so more people can find us.

Here is a summary of our accomplishments!

-We have apparel available through TeeSpring!

-We’ve completed our Guidestar Profile.

-We’re partnered with Amazon Smiles.

-We are set up with Google For Nonprofits.

-We’ve created a website!

We’re still waiting for the following:
-Facebook Charity
-Good Coin

If you want to start accumulating SweatCoins to be able to donate them to us you can use this link to download the app.


Video Transcript

Hello everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. This is the February 2022 monthly update and status report. February has been a pretty big month for us despite it being so short.

What have we done? Well, let’s get started. We have apparel. Hopefully, you have seen some of the videos that we have done with our apparel, if not you can check them out. We have shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, long sleeve tank tops, all kinds of stuff you can get that we have available for sale at cost.

We are not making money on it, it is solely and only to get the brand out there and promote Social Media Ministries, to get more people watching the sermons, to bring more people to Christ. So if that is something you want to do, please consider ordering a shirt. They are fairly inexpensive, you can get one shipped right to you and then you can start promoting Social Media Ministries.

Another thing we have, we completed our GuideStar profile with Candid. So you can now look us up. We are verifiable on GuideStar which is pretty much the recognized database for non-profits so getting on there is huge. There are only a few other things that we need to do in order to achieve the top level which is going to probably take us another few months, maybe even a year to get, but we are as high as we can go right now, so that’s awesome.

In addition, we now have an Amazon Smiles partnership. We are partnering up with Amazon. You can shop on Amazon through a sub-domain called Amazon Smiles and then what Amazon will do is they will track everything you buy through our link and then they will pay us half a percent as a donation. It is really kind of a small amount, I guess if we became an Amazon affiliate and earned affiliate commissions we would get paid anywhere from 5% to 13%, so for them to only pay us half a percent… I don’t know why their charity giving is so low, but half a percent is better than nothing. We are partnered up with Amazon Smiles, if you want to shop on Amazon or if you do any shopping on Amazon you can do it through there and support Social Media Ministries.

We also finally got verified with Google. We are now completely verified with Google for nonprofits and we are working with them. They have some excellent programs and they might be able to help us with advertising, website development, marketing, things like that. We are working on that, we are verified with Google, that’s a huge step since we are mainly on YouTube for our promotion and our online ministry. So that is a great fact.

Now we should be able to start raising money directly through our YouTube channel, that will be the next step, hopefully, for next month we will get that set up and start programming and plugging in with Google.

Another thing we did, this was really exciting and it came about because of the Google partnership, we created a website. We needed a website to give to Google so that they could examine it and develop a marketing plan to see what they could do with us. We haven’t heard back from them yet, but that will be in March that we will start putting that together.

But anyway in the month of February, we put together a website, so check it out. It is socialmediaministries.com. I hope you will like it. Feel free to comment below with any feedback you may have on that.

A few updates, we are still waiting for Facebook. They have been notoriously difficult and against us for some reason. We have a lot of resistance there. If you remember when we first started Social Media Ministries back in May of 2021 when we became official, within about 30 days of that happening Facebook completely banned and deleted anything associated with me and my name because I was posting these sermons on there.

So you say, ‘Well how do you have a Facebook page now?’ Well, we have created a second Facebook page. I have nothing to do with it. I just send the content there. But I don’t know why, I don’t know what they have against preaching about Jesus but they completely shut me out and so we are trying to get Social Media Ministries verified with Facebook as a non-profit so that we can receive donations through Facebook.

Now we have been trying this for about three or four months now and so pray for us that that goes through, because as you know Facebook is probably considered to be the number one social media site. If we can reach people there, we would have a lot better chance of bringing Jesus to more places.

Now we are also waiting for a company called GoodCoin. It is the GoodCoin Foundation and they affiliate with a lot of stores and retailers, and as stores or retailers raise money for nonprofits, we could apply to be one of those nonprofits. That is cool. I don’t know if we would ever get there as far as being featured in one of those things, because we are not big enough yet, but it would be great to have that partnership available.

The last one that we are working on is called Sweat4Good. It is actually an app you can get on your phone and they track your steps, it is like a health app and it is called Sweatcoin and they pay you in cryptocurrency which we are trying to get ahead of, all this crypto. It is a big movement. So it is called Sweat4Good and basically every step you take they pay you these little coins and then you can eventually donate those coins to your favorite charity and then this company will turn those coins into money and put a donation to that charity. We want to be one of those charities. If you want the Sweat4Good app or the Sweatcoin app you can check it out, it will be in a link in the description below. So you can get that and start accumulating steps and then when we get affiliated if you want you can donate those coins to our charity.

I hope this update has been great for you. Please continue to stay subscribed to the channel. We have continued posting sermons every week and we are going to keep doing that. We have got the podcast, we are really making progress, we need your help though, we really do at this point in time. We need more prayer, we need breakthroughs, we need finances, we need connections, we need to start getting out there for more people, we need people who are willing to share Social Media Ministries on their social media networks.

We have to start reaching more people, we have to get the snowball going down the hill, we finally I think are pretty much close to the top, we just have to push it over and start accumulating more. So if you feel called to help us with any of that, whether it is prayer, financial, or sharing please don’t be bashful. Start doing something. If you feel called that way, that would be awesome. Again if you have any comments or questions please put them below and we will see you again next month.

God bless.