Become a recurring donor to Social Media Ministries through our Facebook Page and Meta will match your donation up to $100!

Please visit our Facebook Page and become a recurring donor. After your second donation, Meta will match your donation amount up to $100!

This match is only available through the end of 2022. So please consider making a monthly donation to Social Media Ministries of $50 or more per month so Meta will match the full $100.

Please keep the donation active for at least 2 months. Meta will only provide Social Media Ministries with a matching donation after your second donation.

Meta will take care of all processing fees. 100% of your donation will go to Social Media Ministries. Meta will provide you with a donation receipt.

Thank you for your support!


Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Spencer Coffman here with Social Media Ministries. Today I am going to tell you about a cool thing that I am calling Meta Match.

This is a fundraiser that we have going on on our Facebook page, so it is through Facebook, if you donate to our fundraiser or to Social Media Ministries tax-deductible 501(c)(3) (Facebook provides you with all your donation receipts, no fees, all of that good stuff) but if you donate Meta which is Facebook, will match your donation up to $100, up to $100,000 collectively for Social Media Ministries.

This is huge. This is an excellent time for you to give to Social Media Ministries and to have your donation doubled. Now there are some terms and conditions. You have to donate through Facebook, so you can’t go donate on our website, through PayPal or through any of these other opportunities that we have, Instagram even though Instagram is owned by Meta, they are only doing it through the Facebook page.

Use the link in the description below, I’ll have a direct link to a fundraiser that we have going on right now that you can sign up to become a recurring donor. That’s the catch, you have to make two donations and after your second donation, Meta will match your total up to $100.

If you say, ‘Hey that’s awesome, I want to donate $50 a month.’ You sign up to be a recurring donor, $50 we’ll be given today, 30 days from now another $50 will be given, and then 1 day after that Meta or Facebook will give $100 to Social Media Ministries (your first $50 plus your second $50 = $100 and they will match up to $100 per individual).

You will have that amount doubled which would be huge for us, so please if you have any thoughts to giving anything to Social Media Ministries, helping us, please do so between now and the end of the year. That is the other catch, Facebook says from now to the end of this quarter, so to the end of 2022 they will match these donations. So get your donation in.

Now one thing that they haven’t specified, I’ve read through all these terms and conditions, they didn’t say whether it has to be two consecutive donations at the end of the year, so if you have to get your first one in now before and then have two donations between now and the end of the year, or if it is just to start it at the end of the year. I’m pretty sure it is start because they said now through the end of the year.

So anytime during the month of December contribute to Social Media Ministries. The minimum is $5, guys come on, you can do this. Sign up, give $5 as a recurring donation to Social Media Ministries through our Facebook fundraiser. That would be $5 now, another $5 in 30 days, that’s $10 and Facebook will match with $10.

But what I am saying is, why not do the maximum? Give $50 per time, that is $100 total over the next two months, better yet give $100 each time, that way we know for sure Meta is going to match that $100, and then if after two times of giving you don’t want to continue that’s fine.

Do it, let’s take advantage of this match, let’s get Facebook to start contributing more money to charities that are spreading the word of God enhancing the Kingdom. This is an excellent opportunity that Facebook has allowed us to participate in.

Guys if you have any questions about it, please comment below. Also, check out the description because there will be a link to our Facebook page and our Facebook fundraiser. When you click on that fundraiser you go there and if you are on your mobile phone there is going to be a little icon right at the top of the fundraiser that says ‘Become a recurring donor’ and Facebook will match up to $100. All you have to do is click on that button and then Facebook handles everything, all the payments, all the processing, they take care of the fees, your donation receipts, everything. It is completely secure, Facebook handles it all and then sends the money to Social Media Ministries. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of, if you have any questions please comment below.

Also, you may say, ‘What are you fundraising for?’ We are fundraising to raise $350 to get money to purchase some biblical contextual companion books to help us with more history information, historical data, more learning, and knowledge when we are preparing sermons and feeding people’s Spirits.

Now, of course, if Meta matches that means we only need half that, we want more, they will match up to $100,000 for our charity. Hopefully, we can raise thousands of dollars, get Meta to match, and have double that come in. So we have no goal, we have no limit on what Meta can match. Obviously, if we could get $100,000 from donors like you and Meta would give us another, that’s $200,000.

I mean I don’t even know! That would be incredible for what we could do with that amount of money to further the Kingdom of God, to get everything going, and really get us a big boost to continue bringing more people to Christ.

We have been doing this for over a year and so far we don’t have any recurring donors, we don’t have any partners so please partner with us, and do some recurring donations. Meta is going to match it so this is the perfect time for you to start.

If you have any questions comment below. Please also consider sharing this video, sharing our fundraiser, try to send some messages, some texts, some emails, see if your friends or your family members would also consider donating because this is the most important time to do so when we have a match on these donations.

I thank you for your generosity, pray about this or just get on there and do it. $5 up to any amount but Meta is going to match up to $100, so if you could donate that $100 and get Meta to match that, that would be a tremendous blessing for us. Thank you and God bless.