Here is our December 2021 status update for Social Media Ministries. December has been an exciting month!

Please continue to pray for us and help us accomplish our mission by sharing our videos on your social media accounts.

Here are the highlights:
-Received our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status!
-Continued posting videos and podcasts
-Held our quarterly board meeting
-Elected officer positions
-Set goals for 2022

January Goals:
-Get registered with donation platforms to be able to accept money


Video Transcript

Hello everyone, welcome to the December 2021 Social Media Ministries monthly update, my name is Spencer Coffman. Thanks for tuning in to our monthly update.

We have got a lot to talk about this month. A lot has happened! Starting with we were approved for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status. That is huge, so thank you so much for your prayers during this time. It took us about six months to get that approval, so now that we have it we can kick off the new year 2022 with some fundraising and that will be excellent.

So stay tuned, watch out for those fundraising links where you can donate to contribute and help support Social Media Ministries in a financial capacity if that is something that you feel called to do. That would be great for us, as well as knowing that you can help support us and make this happen.

The next thing, we had our quarterly board meeting, so we did our final year-end quarterly board meeting. This was a good meeting to have. We have summed up the year and what we have done, we also spoke about our year ahead. The coming year 2022 we have set a whole bunch of goals, some of them are huge goals.

We want to dream bigger dreams, we want to set really high goals because if we limit ourselves, God is not limited, so we can set these huge goals and as long as we have faith, as long as we work hard and get toward them, we trust that God will provide and it will happen.

Now we didn’t set huge goals like we are going to have $10 million in the bank account, we didn’t even set any financial goals if that is what you are thinking immediately, the types of goals we are setting are things like we want to continue posting the videos, we want to reach more people, we want to get on more platforms, we want to increase our following. They are modest goals but they are still achievable and not over the top.

For example, a couple of our goals that we set for the coming years are to get 500 likes on our Facebook page, 500 subscribers on the YouTube channel, 500 Instagram followers. We want to obviously hit more, and that is not for the whole year, that is per quarter and if it is for the whole year, then it is for the whole year. Things like that.

We want to get on the fundraising platforms, we want to get verified as charities on all these different platforms: PayPal, Amazon, Target, Facebook, Google and so that we can start fundraising we want to get a website going at some point. There is a lot of stuff that we want to do within Social Media Ministries and so that is what this great board meeting was about.

We kind of sat down and planned everything out. We also elected new positions for the next year and those all take effect in January. Board member positions like president, vice president, secretary, etc. We did all of that. That has been exciting. We set a lot of good goals. I really think we are going to achieve most of them if you pray for us, pray that we achieve our goals, not only achieve them but blow past them. That would be excellent.

In addition, pray for some contributions. We gotta start fundraising. I mean we cannot operate without some form of budget and any money that comes in is gonna go right back into the ministry. So money that is coming in, our operating expenses are very very low, we are talking like super low, I mean once we get the website and everything obviously it is going to go up but we are still going to be hopefully operating for $500 a month or less, even in the future $1,000 a month or less and so that is really really huge.

Our operating expenses are really low, so anything else that is coming in is going to go right out into advertising, promoting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, all of that kind of stuff, and that actually really could be a part of our operating expenses. So if more comes in it is just gonna be more going out, more promoting and hopefully, we can start doing other great things as well.

So continue praying for us. If you want to give financially stay tuned for our donate links, they will be coming out as soon as we get approved on these platforms. We are going to start all of that next quarter, so January look for that. It will probably be in January 2022’s monthly update. Hopefully, we will have those donate links out. If we get them approved we will do some videos like this, to get you the information.

Now the last thing we have obviously continued to do, is posting a video sermon every week and a corresponding podcast every single week, so stay tuned for those. Share those videos on your social media because we can only operate Social Media Ministries and reach other people through social media if people like you share our content. That is the only way we can reach more people. That and advertising on social media, after all it’s Social Media Ministries.

We have the mission, the purpose, the goal to reach as many people as possible through the use of social media, and present the gospel to them, help them understand and interpret the scriptures of the bible and reach more people, for the Kingdom of Christ.

So anyway you can help us out, that would be great. We really appreciate all your prayers, your support, hitting the like buttons on all our videos, hitting the subscribe button, sharing them on your social media platforms, that is huge for us.

We have been in operation for about six months, it has been a great six months, we have really grown a lot and we really hope that the next 12 months of this year of 2022 are just going to be outrageous. It is going to be huge, we are going to explode and the floodgates of heaven are going to be opened up and we will be able to reach new numbers like never before. Your prayers and your support are always greatly appreciated. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

God bless.