Find out what we believe here at Social Media Ministries and what we are working so hard to share with the world. We have some core beliefs and values that we’d like to share with you over several videos.

Therefore, be sure to stay tuned to learn more about each of our core beliefs and values. However, for now, here is a list of what we believe:

The Bible Is The Divinely Inspired Word Of God
Salvation Comes From Jesus
The Church Consists Of The Believers in Christ
We Are Called To Lead Others To Jesus

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Spencer Coffman with Social Media Ministries. Welcome to the About Us video series. Today we are talking about our beliefs and values. So what do we believe here at Social Media Ministries? What are we based on? What are we doing in this world?

We are an online church that strives to be more like Jesus and to help other people do the same. We want to be like Jesus, but we also want you to be like Jesus, and in doing so we want to teach you how to be more like Jesus. How do we do that? What do we believe and what is behind all of this stuff?

Here at Social Media Ministries, we have four core beliefs and values. Each of those are supported by scripture, which we will get into more. We will do a video on each one of those core values so you know what they mean and you know what backs them and you know why we believe in those values. So what are they?

Well the first one that we believe, is that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God. We believe that God wrote the Bible through humans. He sent His revelations to mankind and they wrote it down and it is the divinely written and inspired Word of God, both the Old and the New Testament are divine.

Number two, that salvation comes from Jesus. We believe that you have to believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and that is the only way to heaven. There is one way to heaven and that is through Jesus. You have to invite Him into your life and you have to believe in your heart that He died for your sins, you have to ask for forgiveness of your sins. You repent and you tell Him, Lord Jesus, I want you to be the lord of my life, I believe in you. Then there is a change that comes from that, you transform and now you are living your life to serve God. So you have to believe in Jesus as your lord and savior. We believe that salvation comes from Jesus.

Number three, we believe that the Church consists of the believers in Christ. The Church is not a place, it is a people and Christ is the head of this Church. Now of course I say that we are an online church, so what is the difference? Well, we believe that the Church is the people, the body of Christ, now there are buildings and there are places that you can go and worship and these are often called churches.

Now in the English language, a proper name such as Church is going to be capitalized, but we are talking here about two different types of churches. That church is the church as a place, such as the temple, but when Jesus came He told people you no longer need to always worship or only worship in the temple.

Because back then it was very selective on who was allowed in the temple and Jesus said, no you worship anywhere, you can worship everywhere, you are all the body of Christ, you are the Church and so that is what we believe, that as believers in Jesus Christ we are all members of the Church and that is what we are.

We are the Church, He is the head of the Church. Yes, it is very important for you to have a church building that you go to and regularly worship with other believers and be connected with the body of Christ, so we believe that the Church is the believers in Christ, and yes there is a very very important place for local churches to be in your life.

Number four, we are called to lead others to Christ. We believe that as Christians it is our calling to go out and lead more people to Christ and not only to lead them to Christ but to make them disciples and teach them how to be more like Jesus. Jesus spent His entire life leading other people to believe in Him and teaching others how to do the same. He trained up disciples, He trained up followers to go out and do what He did. We want to be like Jesus in that aspect. We want to teach you about Jesus. We want to teach you how to teach others about Jesus and we want to follow His example.

If that is something you can get behind, if you can get behind any of those, then we want to have your support. Follow us on social media, watch our sermons, watch our videos. In addition pray for us, that we would be able to accomplish our mission and our purpose and these core values each and every day. If you want to support us financially, we have places on our website where you can do that as well, your financial support, your prayer support, and your social media support are all very much appreciated. Thank you.