April has been a good month for growth at Social Media Ministries! Please continue to support us by engaging with our posts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. If you are unable to do so, then please consider donating to help us promote the posts to reach more people.

Our monthly accomplishments:
– Continued Posting 1 Sermon Each Week
– Continued Posting 1 Podcast Each Week
– Continued the Ministry Minute on Social Media
– Continued the Ministry Minute Podcast
– Began an “About Us” Video Series


Video Transcript

Hello everyone, welcome to the April 2023 Social Media Ministries monthly update and status report, my name is Spencer Coffman. April has been a pretty good month. We have continued to post one sermon every week. We have put out the podcast and the YouTube video.

We have also continued to do the ministry minute, that’s on social media. It is a 1-minute daily devotional based on a daily Bible verse. If you are not watching that, then you should be every single day. As you scroll through your feed, take 60 seconds, watch the verse of the day with a little devotional, and then share your comments below. That is also available on a podcast on your favorite podcast platform. We continued doing that this month.

Other than that it has been a month that we have been trying to push growth. We are trying to reach more and more people and we are doing that through social media, specifically on Instagram, and this month has been excellent for growth. We have achieved quite a few new followers. We are up by about 30%.

In addition, our average views on the ministry minute is up by about 200%, so that’s pretty awesome. We pray and we hope that that continues to grow, not only on Instagram but also on TikTok, Facebook, and anywhere else people are scrolling through their social media feeds.

Now we are going to try to push for more comments and more conversions, so that those people who are watching the daily devotionals, the ministry minutes, will then find our sermons on our website and watch those to learn more about the Bible so we can bring more people to Jesus Christ. So pray for us that that would continue.

Also, pray that we would start really receiving more and more interactions on social media. We need more comments, more likes, more people engaging with the content so that we can get some discussion going, and the reason for that is so that these posts would then become trending. That way we could start reaching more people who may not be in the circles of Christianity or religion because that is the whole point here. We want to reach the people who are non-believers, we want to try to bring them in and have them know Jesus.

If that is something you are interested in, then please follow us, interact on our posts, help that out. In addition, share our post. If you are not on social media then we would really appreciate you supporting us through prayer and also through financial contributions so that we can then use that money to promote those posts to reach even greater audiences.

Another thing we have done in the month of April is we started an About Us series, a little video series kind of basically on who we are and what we stand for. So when someone says, hey what is Social Media Ministries or what do they believe, we have got several three to five-minute videos that you can watch and you can share with other people. Hey look, this is Social Media Ministries, here is what they believe, check out this playlist, and boom it has got videos on what we believe. That is pretty cool. That has been coming out in April, you can check that out in a link in the description below. It will also be in a card up above.

That has been April.

Goals for March. We want to continue the growth. We want to grow even more. We are going to start trying to ramp up fundraising and be a little bit more direct through some maybe email campaigns, as well as some contacting and etc, trying to ask for it a little bit more on social media. Be a little bit more bold on raising money for the Kingdom so that we can use that to promote these posts and reach more people.

If that is something you are interested in helping with, contact us or also you can go to the give page on our website where you can make a financial donation or a gift there as well. I hope you like this, hit that like button so other people can see and also I encourage you to check out our sermons on our website and follow us on social media for those ministry-minute daily devotional updates. Thank you and God bless.