April has been a blessed month for Social Media Ministries. We’ve made some progress with laying the groundwork to raise money and are ready for the floodgates to open!

Here is a summary of our accomplishments!
-We continued posting 1 video sermon and 1 podcast each week.
-We began advertising with Google Search Ads.
-We are verified with YouTube Charities.
-We can partner with YouTube creators and have them fundraise for us.
-We finally got approved for Facebook Charities!
-We can have people create fundraisers for us on Facebook.

We’re still waiting for the following:
-Good Coin

We appreciate your continued support and need your help sharing our videos so more people can find us.

We are also in dire need of financial support. If you feel called to give or to create a fundraiser for us to help raise money please do so!


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Social Media Ministries. My name is Spencer Coffman and this is the April 2022 monthly status update and progress report for Social Media Ministries.

What have we done in the month of April? Well, we have continued to post one sermon each week and one podcast episode each week. Another thing we have started doing is every week I post a reel on Facebook and Instagram and TikTok, a little short video introducing people to the weekly sermons. So that is kind of getting out there a little bit more. We have been a little bit more active on Instagram as in reaching out and trying to promote and grow that following. That is a good place to reach more people with Jesus, so that has been good.

Some highlights of the month of April. We are on Google. We have been approved for Google ad grants which is a non-profit program that allows us to have free advertising on Google search. We can get Google search ads and what that is, is when someone types in any keyword related to one of our sermons which we have set up, then our sermon will show up on Google.

You can try it, however when you click on that ad if you are just experimenting, when you click on the ad we do have to pay, so don’t try to rack up our bill intentionally. But you can see the results, they will be impressions and they will pop up and then that will bring people directly to the Social Media Ministries website.

The hope is that more people will be searching for Jesus and they will find our sermons, watch them, and then of course give their lives to Christ and start living for him. That’s exciting. We are on Google search, we have an ad grant that we can use there.

Another big thing is we are approved for YouTube Giving which means that we can now generate donations through our YouTube channel. When we reach a certain status however there is another side of that, that is YouTube Fundraising. If you have a YouTube channel and you have more than 10,000 subscribers you have the option to go and create a fundraiser for any nonprofit you choose. Now I hope that you would choose Social Media Ministries.

You hit your fundraisers tab, you start a fundraiser for Social Media Ministries and then you can choose the details like what are you raising money for, is it general stuff, maybe you want to contact us and see if we have a specific need that you want to raise a specific dollar amount for.

We can help you with that and then you can create a fundraiser and then put that option on any of your videos you choose. When your viewers are watching your videos there will be something in the sidebar, instead of promoted or related videos in the sidebar, there will be a fundraiser area where they can choose to donate to support Social Media Ministries.

If you have more than 10,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel please consider creating a fundraiser to support Social Media Ministries. If you need any help with that or you have any questions please comment below.

Another thing, this is a huge highlight, we are finally approved as a Facebook charity. Now as many of you may know Facebook has been notoriously obstinate with us. They have been against us from the beginning when I committed the money to start Social Media Ministries and begin the non-profit process back in May of 2021. Within a week Facebook banned me, they shut down everything that had my name on it, all my books, all my businesses, any business that I was helping someone with if my name was on it, closed my personal profile, everything gone, they deleted it and I still haven’t gotten it back.

So we, through someone else, created a page for Social Media Ministries and we have been connecting with Facebook trying to get that page approved as a charity, that has been about an eight-month process of back and forth with Facebook support or whatever you call them, and communicating with them to prove that we are a charity and we do have a Facebook page.

Now it has nothing to do with me. I am not on there other than my picture and so far it has all been going well, so pray that that stays in good graces and that we can now start reaching more people on Facebook because we are approved and recognized as a charity.

Now, what does that mean? It means that we can collect donations through Facebook. So on our page, there will be a donate button. People can see that and click donate. Facebook of course collects the money, they hold on to it for a period of time and then release it to Social Media Ministries. They don’t charge any fees, 100% of the donated amount comes to Social Media Ministries so that is really awesome.

YouTube is the same way with their fundraising, if you have a channel with 10,000 subscribers and you want to do a fundraiser, 100% of that amount will go directly to Social Media Ministries.

Another thing with Facebook is you have the option to create a fundraiser for Social Media Ministries. You can start up a fundraiser and go to our page, hit the fundraising tab, and then create your own fundraiser, invite your friends, and then they have the option to donate to Social Media Ministries.

It is exactly like if you would create an event and invite people to your event, you invite people to your fundraiser. They could see your fundraiser page, where you could post, we could post in there, we could post updates, it is kind of like a little community that you create and then hopefully raise money for Social Media Ministries.

This month has been a great month in terms of laying the groundwork to hopefully start receiving some donations, as of this point in time all of the money that has been supporting Social Media Ministries has been contributed really by me. I mean it has been. I have been seeding it and we haven’t had any big donors, we haven’t had any monthly, we have had no one commit yet, so things are getting tight, the credit cards are up and the revenue coming in is zero.

So after a while, it is either going to all topple or God is really gonna come through with how we have been living on faith, getting this thing going. I feel like that is happening. I really do. Living on faith is huge. It is something that if you have never experienced, you have got to do it and I don’t mean going into debt to live on faith, I mean just starting to live by faith however, God takes you.

A little ministry moment in the update here, but it is very important and it is really incredible to see what happens. I feel like right now, we are on Google for Charities, we have got the YouTube Fundraising going, we have got Google ads running, we have got the Facebook fundraising all available, it is time for a breakthrough.

If you have any intention of supporting Social Media Ministries, maybe you can’t do it financially, but you could create a fundraiser now on YouTube or Facebook or any of those other platforms and really help us out. Help us raise some money so that we can get up and running to full capacity and really balance our books and just start moving forward.

Continue to pray for us. Pray that we would reach generous hearts, pray that we would reach more of the lost so that we could bring them to Christ, and just pray for continued faith and growth in Social Media Ministries. Thank you so much for your continued support. Thank you for watching this video and please hit the like button below so that more people can see this cool video and our story as well. We will see you next month.

God bless.